Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Even super mom has epic parenting fails....

I finally managed no that long ago to make sense of the boys clothes. Without their dresses it was chaos in their room daily. Every article of clothing and bedding would be out and unfolded. I worked for a very long time sorting it and putting them all into nice baskets and hangers and such. As strange as it sounds it has been one of the few things that has really made me happy with how we are surviving in our teeny tiny little place.

And then... epic parenting fail.

I'm not sure what about today has put me in such a funk... maybe it's because Goob cried so much of the night that I didn't sleep well. Maybe it's that I had to get out of the shower half way through to help get my son off to school on time, maybe I'm just anxious from waiting to hear about about whether or not our offers been accepted on the house we want... whatever it is... I have been pretty funky all day.

The kids were napping... and by napping I mean that they were all really climbing onto Frog Prince's bed and throwing things into Goobs crib (don't worry it's all been soft stuff until today). I'm content to let this mostly happen uninterrupted because it means I get some quiet time. Things started to progress though to the point where I had to separate them into sleeping on blankets in the various bathrooms.

(I know, it sounds amazing, but I call it like I see it around here, and when they all share one room what's a mom to do.)

Anyway, when I go into their room to change Boys heinously stinky diaper I discover every piece of clothing that was in a tub or bin all over the room and they have been sitting in and throwing (even into the crib) the tubs around....We're talking the nice wooden and canvas ones... I was not happy. So I told Frog Prince that he would be redoing it all by himself with Sheepie and then would be sorting and folding much if the giant pile I have to do.  Next I go to Sheepie and where it all goes down hill.

I ask him why he did it and he becomes insistent that he didn't which is by his demeanour and out and out lie. So I tell him I can tell he's not being truthful and I repeat my question. Same answer..... basically repeat the pattern over and over but with the deathly fumes of Boys diaper and  Goob crying until I can't take it anymore. Sheepies's screaming and wailing and I'm pretty sure there was some gnashing of teeth involved in there, not to mention the full on body flops.  I tell him he's lying and that he needs his mouth washed out because of it.  Off to the bathroom we go. He's wailing, I'm all but yelling (remember I'm in a funk to start with) and then we do a dance while I try to shove the soup in his mouth.

Eventually he has served his time and is now laying on the floor as wounded looks as if I'd beaten him or something, and I leave to go change the diaper and calm the baby. In doing so I am able to calm down enough to go back and talk to him-- after about 10 minutes of his best impersonation of a funeral crier, he calmed down too.

So now, everyone is asleep and I, as I, shamelessly, inhale food that's not good for me, am left to realise that that is what people call and epic parenting fail....

At least there is always tomorrow.

Friday, April 16, 2010

A list of things worthy of a good life

*this picture has nothing to do with the post... I just like the look of my biggies when they weren't so big*

I stumbled upon this blog by way of CJane's blog and this particular entry makes me happy.  I believe that in this list, the author has come up with just about everything one needs to be happy.

Want some uplifting enlightenment; go check it out here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New hair

I while ago I cut my hair.... I really quite like it, which is saying a lot since I can really only do one thing with it, and we all know how I love doing my hair.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

All is well... All is well.

I just realised that I have yet to post on the blog that we are all home from the hospital and are well. Goob was released last Monday evening, and looking at him now you'd never know he was as sick as he was....
What a little trooper.