Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Merrily We Play Along...

I've always said that if God didn't want my children to play piano, he'd have either not sent them to our family, or they'd have been born without fingers....

Last night Frog Prince played his first full song on the piano.

Yes, we really do have a fourth child.

It seems like there haven't been many pictures of Twinkle Toes lately.... so for your viewing pleasure. Here are some pictures I snapped of him laying on the family room sofa, the other day.

Just in case any ladies out there are on the market... he told me to say:

Some of his interests are long naps on the beach, sampling the finest in milk, rolling over for exercise, and just interested in cuddling.

However, as his mom I'll let you in on a few secrets. He will always upstage you in a room, he will always catch the other girls eyes, and he will probably change his clothes more in one day than you will ( and no matter what you're wearing, whatever he's wearing will be cuter).

I can't believe it's already been six weeks since this handsome little man has come into our family. Gosh I sure do love him!

Couldn't Be Happier....

These lovely people are Mark and Michelle Elton... they got married a week ago. I couldn't be happier for them! They totally deserve one another, it is wonderful to think of them and their kids as one big happy family now.

I was so happy for them, that I decided they needed a wedding party. Since they wouldn't let me throw them a reception, it had to be a party. And you know what, even parties need pretty wedding cakes.

This beautiful and delicious cake was whipped up by my dear friend and Visiting Teacher, Stephanie. Didn't she do a wonderful job.

Congratulation to the Eltons.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sheepies Last Year of Preschool

Friday Sheepie started his first day of Preschool. This will be his last year attending, and so he was more than excited to get back to school. Since this is his third year attending the school, our family has gotten to know some of his teachers and the other families pretty well; it's always fun to meet back up with them and see how they've grown and changed over the summer....

Nothing says cool like Finding Nemo Sunglasses at 7:30 in the morning.... Yeah!

This is Sheepie with his new teacher/friend, Alex. He's helping put on Sheepies name tag. I love that it's only taken me three years practically to learn why they always put them on the back of their shirts. The answer: so that when the kids are bent down playing, they can still see who is who. Smart thinking!

So far as I can tell, he's off to a bang up year, and is counting the days until he goes back. I have to admit that I will be a little sad that I'm not going to be there to pick him up everyday, and see the fresh out of school excitement on his face. Both he and FP get out of school at the same time, and there is no one who can car pool with us from FPs school, which doesn't have buses, since it's a transfer only school... where as many of my friends are able to bring Sheepie home with them; so sadly, he is the one who will not be getting mommy to pick him up. Hopefully, by the time he gets home each day, he will still want to share a little window into his special world with me.

Gosh, I can't believe how big he's getting!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Day in the Life: A Photo Essay


The day starts out like any other.... Boy wakes up, talks to all of his dollies, cuddles into his blankie, and then beats on the door until he is to be let out.

This is the classic, just woke up look that says, "Why are you pointing that thing at me?"

'I've closed the tray... why isn't there breakfast on it yet?'

Breakfast is served, the older kids are shipped off to school, and Boy now up and going begins his daily adventures.

Never missing a chance to sit on the potty (or mug for the camera, for that matter), Boy smiles happily, at his first real successful attempt. When asked how it made him feel, his only reply was, "cheeeeeeeese."

Now that his business is done, I find the Boy in his native environment.... messing up anything and everything he can get his hands on. It is important to note that his brothers room was clean when they left for school.

Later:Siblings once more restored home, lunch was served and everyone was happy... so happy that I found this lovely scene.

'Just have to keep it clean mom....' (and no, thankfully he's not actually eating the brush).
After watching a little post school TV with the "Biggies" (our family term for the older pair of kids) Boy decides it's time to be up and about again. Where should I happen to find him heading, you might ask?

The wild Boy is caught once more attempting to stalk his prey: the bathroom! Sadly, he and his trusty sidekick blankie never made it past the lady with the camera.... so sad!

Finally after the end of a long day, Boy seems to be wearing down... the wobbling stance and glassy eyes are a dead give away, even though when interviewed for this essay the subject adamantly denied any tiredness involved.

Jammies are once more dawned, supper is offered, and after that it will be off to dreamland.... until the sunrises again, and then where the subject and his faithful blanket will go, only time will tell.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Day of School

Well, it's finally happened; I'm the mother of an elementry school kid! Frog Prince started Kindergarten yesterday, and I am proud to say I didn't even cry. Almost cried, but I didn't. He is very excited to be starting school, and was even more excited when he found out that he's sitting right next to his best friend, Chad.
As I look at this picture of him, I realise there really isn't any baby left in my baby. I have to admit that having a brand new baby at the same time that FP is starting school has made me really shocked and slightly saddened that it isn't still him that I am rocking in my arms. But I sure do love 'big kid' Frog Prince, and am so glad he's ready for school.

Back to School Feast 2009

The Mighty C's Family Theme 2009: I Can Do Hard Things.

Pictures from the blessing

I grabbed a few of these pictures with my Mom and Grandpa while they came down to Corvallis for Twinkle Toe's blessing. I still plan on getting some more of him in his blessing out fit to go up in the hall like the rest of the boys pictures, but he spit up on his outfit before I could get them so I will grab those another day.

The Blessings of Heaven

Sunday, September 6th, 2009 we blessed our fourth baby boy.

I will tell you that it never becomes less special to be able to see my amazing husband stand up and pronounce blessing from our Heavenly Father on his sons. To hear one Father promise through another to open the endless wonders of heaven upon ones child is a glimpse of eternity.

I am so grateful for a husband who is worthy of such a job as giving my sons a name and blessing. I am grateful for the unceasing commitment he makes to being a worthy and unmatched father. I am grateful for the way in which he is in tune with Heavenly Father, and know what He wants to be said for each of our children. I love you Mr. C.

I am beyond grateful for a perfect little boy who I know was meant to be a part of our family, at this time. I look forward to seeing the promises of his blessing come true as he seeks after what Heavenly Father would have him do. As I held his perfect little body, all dressed in white that day, I realised how very much I look forward to seeing him wear white once more, and that it would be even sweeter, as I realised that again he would be doing so with both his father and his Father by his side.

I am most profoundly grateful to my Heavenly Father for the gift of my sweet and utterly delicious son. Every time I think He couldn't possibly have anything more to bless me with, because I already have more than I've ever dreamt of, The Lord surprises me, and this time it has been with this precious child. Thank you for not only trusting me with one of your child, but in so doing, allowing me to be taught and reminded daily of your love for me. Thank you for forgiving me of my own short comings and helping me to become better, so that I can help him through his life to be the best of himself. But mostly, thank you for blessing him with the things in his life that I know were meant for no one but him, so that one day he will be the man I know is growing in him already.

A Farewell to Summer Part Deux

Mr. C had nearly a five day weekend over Labour Day so we decided to do as much hiking as we could fit in... But before going on a hike every little kid should make certain to have their own pair of yoghurt jar binoculars.

Twinkle Toes took his first ride in a stroller on this hike since it has paved trails. I can't wait to get my new Phil and Ted's stroller.

I have a picture like this of every single kid... look how big Twinkle Toes head is.

Some day, I think he might find some gold up there; or have his fingers bitten off by the sharp toothed snail.

We've now entered that age where he makes this strange grimace when we ask him to smile.

Those eyes could stop anyone dead in their tracks.
And naturally, you can't have Labour Day weekend without some camping.

complete with wild animals and a campfire, there in the back for s'mores.

Happy End of Summer Everyone!

Farewell to Summer

We've had so much fun wishing farewell to Summer that I guess I've just not had time to sit down and blog about it....Seeing as this was our last summer with kids who were not inhibited by summer camps, school, or other things, we were making the most of our children's young childhoods...

Don't let that Dino catch you 'Bat'Boy.

Hiking trails across the Street from Winco.

I love having a camera that can capture such
brilliant colours.