Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Treat

Happy Halloween from The Super Mario Gang!

Can you tell we took this at the end of a LONG day. Sticky faces, rumpled costumes, and really tired parents.
(and my poor broach got smashed.)

Boy's hood on his Koopa outfit kept covering his face, so this morning I quickly made him a
Toad (he's the mushroom sidekick) hat, and he was cute as can be. Wore it all day!

The Super Mario Team, to save the day!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

When Mom is Sick

Not to say that my family doesn't have fun when I'm around!

I love this! Sheepie has only ever seen Count Dooku on the Lego Star Wars game for our Wii... He now loves to pretend he is Dooku in light saber fights. Last night he surprised us by, out of no where, using his 'electric hands' on Hubby. (If you've not seen the newer movies,I'm also talking about the electric beams the Emperor shoots out of his hands in Return of the Jedi.)
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The Day Mommy stayed in Bed

After the kids were in bed Tuesday night, I remembered exactly how much I hate throwing up.

That's right, I caught the flu. Hopefully, this means I will get through the rest of the season without getting sick again?

I promptly crawled into the shower and slept (yes, I know it's not safe to sleep in the shower, but hey! it seriously is the only way I get any sleep when I'm sick, because I get so cold I can't really regulate my body temp.) Anyway, like I said, I crawled into the shower and stayed there for about two hours. Hubby, who was also sick, crawled into bed and was asleep by the time I got out.

Around 10 pm I decided that action needed to be taken. I called my little brother, Doug, (Doug, you are a rock star by the way!) who happens to be a rock star, in case anyone didn't know that, and asked him if he'd not only buy me 7-UP and saltine crackers, but then drive them all the way out to my house. He did, and when I woke up again around midnight, I had 'sick food' waiting for me. He even threw in some Gatoraide to sweeten the deal.. THANKS Dougie!

Wednesday, Hubby worked from home so that he could do things like pick the kids up from school, and play with them. Me-- I stayed in bed.... well not the whole time, but I have done nothing for the last two days. If you look around my house you can tell. I figure Friday I might actually care enough to clean up again (sorry, Hubby, your amazing wife is 'out of the office' for a few days!).

However, Wednesday the kids had their Halloween party at school. They get to dress up and then go trick or treating around all the different High school classrooms. All the kids looked so cute in their little costumes. I have to admit though, I am extremely partial to a pair of really good looking plumbers though!

Okay, and that baby koopa is pretty sweet too!

Pumpkin Cravin'

Tuesday the kids were still sick, and as such had to stay home from school... NO FUN!

Well, okay, I think the kids had fun; I made them lay on the sofa all day watching movies. This way they were calm and quiet. It lasted for about a half a day until they went crazy and wanted to run around and play. That is when all the train sets came out and took over my living room.

That night when Hubby got home and we'd had supper it was pumpkin carving time.

Sadly, by the time all the pumpkins were carved and done, Hubby and I were both feeling sick as well...

Peach Pie with fresh whipped cream

This was one of my adventures for monday.

It was supposed to be the snack for FHE.

We decided to move FHE to Tuesday night this week though, so that we'd have enough time to carve pumpkins for the activity.

The Pie still was good!

I get to wake up to this!

Don't be jealous!

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

It's a beautiful day in the Neighbourhood, and I love Autumn! Something about the changing colours, misty mornings, warm sweaters and hot apple cider and pies that make me remember that living in Oregon truly is as close as a person can get to heaven on earth.

I can't think of another place on earth where I'd rather live. There is just something about the smell of smoke curling out of chimney's; the luscious mix of evergreens and fire coloured leaves; watching kids in their coats and hats standing waiting for the big Yellow Buses; the way you can see your breath in the mornings, and the amazing stars in the clear autumn nights!

Saturday is a Special Day

It's the Day....

...Captain Hook finally caught Peter Pan!

It's the Day...

... we explore the local Historical Society....

... just because it looks like a fun place to go.

It's the Day...

... I wonder why...

...Women ever stopped dressing so feminine and beautiful.

It's the Day...

We continued living...
Happily Ever After.

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Big Yellow School Buses Always Remind Me That It's Autumn!

I can't figure out why Blogger hates me so, but it seems to be posting all my pictures in GIANT size today, regardless of what size I post them at. Sorry folk!

Friday was the kids preschool field trip to the local pumpkin patch! Oh boy, how they'd been looking forward to the trip. Frog Prince went last year and couldn't wait to go back. Since Sheepie joined the preschool at the semester last year, he had never been on the field trip. I think the boy was going to have a heart attack from the anticipation!

And here are a few cute ones I caught Friday morning before school... Poor Boy, it seems like lately he's been the forgotten child.
Ready to help make breakfast Mom!

Happy 50th Post

It seems crazy that in the course of two short months I will have already posted 50 entries-- it seems crazier still that some of you have actually read all of them.

Thursday was the great day of adventures. It started out with 'Bagel Day' like most Thursdays do, but then we headed off to do something I can't recall if we've ever done before.

We headed to the local airport to look at the planes and watch the private jets take off and land. It was the perfect day for doing so, and we were able to see several planes being worked on, taxi about and even watch a jet land and pull up right in front of us.

It was really hard trying to get the kids to understand that they were not 'authorized' persons and that they couldn't go climb up in the planes to look at them.

Frog Prince and Sheepie nearly died. Lately, planes are 'the thing'.

After the airport, we went to a local museum to see some of the art work they had, and then it was time to head home for naps (We love naps!) For supper that night we had whole wheat Penne Rigate pasta with an Alfredo sauce, home made bread with fresh butter, and some sliced peaches. mmmm.

Where is Wednesday's good title?

If we did anything worth noting on Wednesday, I really don't recall. It's all a mass hazy of Husbandly Happiness!

Top Reasons why I Love Having Hubby Home!

Lazy morning snuggles in bed!
Waking up to the dishes running and the diapers in the wash.
Having my favourite 'foot warmer' back.
Getting to pretend like I hate being tickled.
Listening to the kids laughter while wrestling with Daddy.
Having a whole week of hang out time before he has to go back to work.
Not having to get up in the middle of the night to put the baby back to sleep.
Date night is back!
The presents were amazingly beautiful!
My best friend his back.

Here are some pictures of the Sarees he brought back for me. Along with the Sarees he gave me some beautiful marble coasters made from the same marble as the Taj Mahal. They are even inlaid with pictures of the Taj Mahal done in the same styling as the inlaying on the real building.

He also brought back great presents for the kids. Frog Prince got a miniature Taj Mahal made from the same marble as the real one and a toy rickshaw (not sure if I'm spelling that right). Sheepie got a beautifully carved wooden elephant and an 'Air India' air plane, and Boy got a carved head of a Hindi god (lots of good textures to touch and chew) and an Indian taxi car.

And more random pictureness, just because I love my hair!

The Return of the King

Tuesday was the greatest day in recent 'C' family history! It was the great return of the king (aka The Hubby). His flight was scheduled to come in right in the middle of the day, which was great; it meant that we didn't have to wait a long time to see him. We would only have a few hours in the morning put the finishing touches on the house, get dressed (and we all had to look amazing!) and then leave.

I think if we'd had to wait the whole day, we'd have all gone crazy.

As it was we were a little late getting to the airport and finding parking, so Hubby (and Hubby's Dad) had already landed and gotten off the plane. Let me let you all in on a little secret-- I've decided I am never letting my husband go again! I was so happy to see him, if I wasn't such a good mother I'd have pushed my own kids out of the way just to hold him. Although I am a good mother, so I just stood back for a minute while the kids attacked him, before getting my fair share of the loving action!

Not too much else to report about that day. We drove home dropped Hubby's Dad off at his house and then stopped quickly by the movie store to rent some movies. The rest of the day was spent just cuddling up as a family watching movies (mostly so that Daddy,whose body thought it was the middle of the night, and Mommy, whose body did stay up until the middle of the night, could sleep).

We sent the boys to bed early, as you can imagine, and then the rest of the night was ours! Gosh, I'm glad to have him home! I LOVE that man!

Anyway, as promised, now that he is home I will post pictures of my skirt on me. I looked way way cuter on Tuesday than in these pictures (these were the pictures of took of myself to see how I looked in the outfit). My hair was curlier on Tuesday and I was wearing make up and a really cute necklace. But here you go... pictures of 'the table runner skirt'.

Those are my new favourite shoes, by the way.... I totally must be channeling the blue and brown thing lately because I bought the fabric and the shoes and didn't think of either of them matching at the time...

Does it make me narcissistic that I love taking pictures of myself? Maybe so... but hey, I got to make sure I look good for the Hubby somehow.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What's the story Morning Glory?

The Monday before Hubby came home was really just a ball of frazzled emotions as I raced to get the house spotless and welcoming to our weary traveller. So really there isn't anything to post about.

The only thing I did that day besides clean was make a faerie princess dress (I think I mentioned it) for my friend Heidi's charity auction. In the pictures the sleeves look kind of strange (since I couldn't find a child sized hanger to put it on. Nonetheless, the dress looks amazing. Not bad for a day's work.

Oh pretty dress.

And I think that's all you are getting out of me tonight. I am falling asleep and it's already much too much past my bed time. Stay tuned tomorrow (hopefully) for more updates about his last week!

Too much to catch up on!

So here we are and another week has slipped by! I am happy to say though, that this week's blogging was put on hold to spend time with the Hubby, who has finally return to us from the land of India! And gosh, let my just say how delicious it's been to have him home; I could hardly have asked for a better week (except the part where he booted me back to my old side of the bed; I'd been sleeping where ever I seemed to roll for the last couple months, and it just doesn't seem to work anymore!)

Another great thing is the return of my laptop!!! It's always been here, but just not functioning. The battery is completely dead; being several years old, and the power cord suffered an untimely end some time ago. These two issues combined basically rendered the poor thing useless. As some of you might recall from my emails, instead of replacing the sweet old 'Lappy', we opted to buy a PC so that the boys could learn how to use a computer. That was certainly the right choice, but I will freely admit the loss of computing from the comforts of my bed! Long story short (or as short as it's going to get, at this point) Hubby had to buy a universal power cord for his trip to India, and when he returned home, I got it as the replacement power cord to, 'Lappy' the wonder laptop! Even now I have enjoyed uploading my weeks pictures and posting while curled up next to a sleeping Hubby. I still love my PC and will probably use it most often (since it puts this old beast to shame), but it's good to have an old friend back!

I guess, since I am a tad behind, I will start with last Sunday and then just work my way forward.

Last Sunday was my ward's Primary Program, which is basically where the kids in the Primary (ages 3-11) put on a program with songs and 'talks' during the first hour of church. This is Frog Prince's second time being involved, and I have to say I am a bit shocked at his behaviour. He did very well when his class got up to deliver there lines; he even said his all from memory. What was the real shocker though was his down right naughty behaviour the rest of the time. His class say by the table on which the sacrament is placed each week. In our services, when the sacrament is not being given it is covered with a long, white cloth runner. F.P thought that it would be a fun game to see if he could pull the runner off the sacrament. Eeekk! At first it was just happening, as he leaned his head against the table and what not. However, when his teacher told him not to pull at the cloth, he started actually reaching out and doing so. I tried to ignore him, but could see the long cloth inching closer and closer to slipping off the side F.P was pulling. This would have resulted in little plastic sacrament cups and pieces of bread flying everywhere.

I was sitting fairly close to the front of the chapel, and at this point was faced with a decision. Did I get up in the middle of the program and pull the runner back into place so it didn't fall off (taking everything with it) or did I sit there and do nothing, and inevitably end up being known as, 'the lady whose son knocked over the sacrament during the program' for the rest of my life. Needless to say, despite the minor distraction to the program, I quickly stood and pulled the cloth back into place. Apparently though, no sooner than I had turned my back to sit down again, Frog Prince looked at me and pulled the cloth back to where it had been! Little bugger!

He did greatly endear himself to me and the rest of the ward though for his repeated voyages from the stand to where I was sitting, 'just to give me kisses' and hugs. Eventually though, I had to make him remain sitting with me, because our Bishop got up to give closing remarks and invite someone to try. I've decided though, at least with my kids, I know I will never get bored!
Sheepie was still too young (he will go in to Primary in January) to do the children's presentation. He did have a great time watching the kids do their thing; he also LOVED getting dressed up!

That was all for Sunday. Hope you enjoy