Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Day Mommy stayed in Bed

After the kids were in bed Tuesday night, I remembered exactly how much I hate throwing up.

That's right, I caught the flu. Hopefully, this means I will get through the rest of the season without getting sick again?

I promptly crawled into the shower and slept (yes, I know it's not safe to sleep in the shower, but hey! it seriously is the only way I get any sleep when I'm sick, because I get so cold I can't really regulate my body temp.) Anyway, like I said, I crawled into the shower and stayed there for about two hours. Hubby, who was also sick, crawled into bed and was asleep by the time I got out.

Around 10 pm I decided that action needed to be taken. I called my little brother, Doug, (Doug, you are a rock star by the way!) who happens to be a rock star, in case anyone didn't know that, and asked him if he'd not only buy me 7-UP and saltine crackers, but then drive them all the way out to my house. He did, and when I woke up again around midnight, I had 'sick food' waiting for me. He even threw in some Gatoraide to sweeten the deal.. THANKS Dougie!

Wednesday, Hubby worked from home so that he could do things like pick the kids up from school, and play with them. Me-- I stayed in bed.... well not the whole time, but I have done nothing for the last two days. If you look around my house you can tell. I figure Friday I might actually care enough to clean up again (sorry, Hubby, your amazing wife is 'out of the office' for a few days!).

However, Wednesday the kids had their Halloween party at school. They get to dress up and then go trick or treating around all the different High school classrooms. All the kids looked so cute in their little costumes. I have to admit though, I am extremely partial to a pair of really good looking plumbers though!

Okay, and that baby koopa is pretty sweet too!

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