Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today I win the award...

For coolest and most brave mom ever....

Remember the mouse that I've been stalking around our house( and let's just pray it's only one!) Well, traps and gizmos aside, today I found it!!!! How, exactly does this make me the coolest and bravest mom? I found it while FP was standing right there.

I went to re-line the garbage can under the sink, I know it likes to hang out down there, because I find it's poop every time I go to clean down there. I reach to grab the garbage can, and what do you think I found inside of it; the mouse! Now, I am not really afraid of mice, I even had a pet rat once, but this is a wild, germy not supposed to be in my house kind of mouse and to me that's gross. My knee jerk reaction was to smash the little thing to bits.

The only problem with my plan was that my 5 year old, who happens to be afraid of just about everything under the planet was watching very intently now, and had, for once in his life, found something to be cool. That meant there could be no mouse smashing for me!!! Instead, I decided we would bravely put on our shoes and walk FAR, FAR, FAR away from our house and let the little bugger go.

Now if that doesn't get me the award... well then too bad. Here's hoping the little thing doesn't find it's way back to our house, and he didn't have any more buddies hanging out with him. YUCK!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Dear Someday,

I know that a lot of people are always asking you for things.... and most of the time I understand that you're pretty busy. Normally, I try to be pretty content with what Today gives to me. But Someday I've really got a few things I could use right now and have a feeling you're the guy to ask.

Someday, can I walk into my bathroom and not find myself standing in a puddle of my three year olds pee?

Someday, can I have a baby who doesn't fall asleep somewhere on the floor right before we have to be out the door.

and speaking of that baby:

Someday, could he please learn to walk!!!!

Someday, can I have floors that magically sweep themselves....

Somday, can I have a car that doesn't have electrical issues....

Someday, can I have at least one day where we make it with out anyone (myself included) crying.

But I guess, most importantly:

Someday, let me realise that it's all going by way too quickly, and when I look back at what Today has given me, let me be happy, that hopefully, I did it all with a smile on my face and joy in the moment.

Great sale at Albertsons

Hurry to Albertson's folks.

Right now if you buy the specially marked 5 pk of Kraft Mac and Cheese you get, not only a second 5pk entirely free, but two boxes of Capri Sun....

The way it works is you get two of the boxes that have coupons on them for a free box of Capri Sun Sunrise Splash. Then walk over to the drink Aisle and grab yourself two boxes of Capri Sun... they were out of the Sunrise Splash (their breakfast drink) so we go just regular old Capri Sun and it worked out fine. Take it all to the register with your club card and watch the savings roll in!

The way my kids go through drinks in the summer, I like every single free one I can get... and really, who of us, doesn't have Mac and Cheese, even if it's just in your food storage. So it's a total win all around.

Just make sure you grab the specially marked 5 pk boxes, they have to have the coupon attached to them.

Happy shopping!

Keeping cool the Mighty C's way.

This is Boys first encounter with a kiddie pool....Not too sure what he thinks.

It didn't take long for him to figure out it's like a giant bathtub!

This was seriously the best shot I could get of Sheepie... He wanted nothing to do with the camera.

I love kids in sun hats!

Hubby came home early from work and built the kids a balance beam.

Frog Prince hardly stood in one place long enough for a good shot.

And this distressed looking face is what happens when Daddy makes loud saw and drill noises...He was not a fan of the power tools!

How does your family like to cool off in 85 degree weather?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Great Savings Old Navy Style

So have any of you heard about the amazing 'hidden coupons' at Old Navy? No? Check this out. Basically, you click on things until you find a hidden coupon... they change each week and have some AMAZING deals... I've heard people tell of $75 off of $100... can you believe that.

Well this week I didn't do that good, but I did score myself a sweet $10 off of $50 or more. And let me share with you what I snagged for that.

That's two sundresses, a cute white tee to go under them, two pairs of sandals, a sun hat for Boy and a lovely aluminum water bottle.

Now, I know you might be wondering why that was such a good deal when I only 'saved' 10 bucks. surely I spent more than the 50 required, right? Nope.... The blue sundress was orig. $34.50, and was then marked down to $22.99; however, I found it on a rack that was an additional %50 off that...

The red sundress was also orig. $34.50 marked to $22.99, with an add. %50 off. But even better was I got another additional %50 off that price because the dress is defective... Check it out!

As you can see, it would take about 1 run on my sewing machine to fix that, 'majorly' defective strap... So I paid a total of 5.74 for a dress that was orig. $34.50.

The sandals, sun hat, and water bottle were all, also marked way down (I can't remember their deals exactly) but all and all I totally made bank. The only thing I paid full price for was the white tee... and that I was willing to do because I have searched and searched for a plain white tee that didn't make me look like I was wearing a tent. It was worth the 12 bucks!

For an even better day in shopping land, I was able to snag some great jewelry from a department store in the mall (Gottschalks) because it's only got 3 days left before going out of business. Everything I got was 70% off.

I only grabbed three things... but I got all three of them for 14 bucks... that was less than any one of them cost originally. Not too bad.

There you have my deal of the day... how about you guys? Any great deals out there, to share?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Preschool Prom 2009

Each year at preschool, the boys have a 'prom'. Anyone who knows me, knows that I never miss a chance to play dress up and make things. Yesterday, I got it into my head that I would figure out how to sew each boy a cummberbund and bowtie.

This year FP decided no to wear a dinner jacket, so as to better show off his yellow shirt. Last night, I tied Sheepies tie perfectly, but for some reason this morning I couldn't get it to lay flat to save my life.

Check out that Lightening McQueen fabric....I promise that no other kid on the block has one like it! I am kind of sad though that he doesn't have a matching bowtie.... I ran out of fabric and the best matching thing I had was some green blanket binding.... FP loved all the crazy colours together though!

This picture cracks me up! I really want the caption to read, 'Bond.... James Bond.'

Sheepie is sporting his favourite Finding Nemo Fabric here. I had just enough left from making his scripture bag to make his cummberbund. I also had some left over blanket binding that I used to give him a matching bowtie.

Just imagine these two knocking on your daughters doors in 13 years!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunny with a side of feeling good....

Lately we've had such lovely weather, and I haven't grabbed a single shot of the kids.

I just finished my work out for today and feel great. I tried a new pregnancy yoga/pilates workout and it give some good strength and flexibility training. I think I will mix it with my other DVD and rotate days... three cardio days/two flex and strength.

We had a nice Memorial day; how about all of you? The first part of the day was spent with me cleaning the house, while Hubby did all the weekend yard work. We had someone coming to view the house that day, so after it was all clean, we went off to E.E. Wilson to take a bike ride. Sheepie moved up to the 'big' tricycle and can actually pedal now without whacking his legs on his handle bars. For a kid who two weeks ago wouldn't pedal to save his life, I am amazed at how he can now go on two mile walks and never stop peddling once.

Frog Prince had his first serious foray into learning to ride a two wheeler. I'd tried once, but very quickly gave up because I couldn't bend over far enough to hold onto his seat. Yesterday didn't go so well either. We realise that the bike that we bought him for Christmas, while perfectly acceptable to ride with training wheels, is just too small to try and learn to ride two wheeled on. It's only a 10 inch bike and so he can't get going fast enough to become stable.

My nephew has a slightly bigger (still not the size FP needs, really) bike that he left at my in laws house when he returned to Chicago last summer; we're going to steal it until said nephew returns next month, to try and teach FP to ride on two wheels. He is ready and excited to learn now, and we've learnt a long time ago that with that particular kid you have to work within his window of interest, or else you're completely out of luck. Especially, if it involves the risk of getting hurt. (We even have a special box of Bolt band aides standing by for bike related injuries).

For the rest of the day we ran to the movie store and then went over to my sister in laws house for a nice BBque. The kids ran wild through her large yard and wooded area, and I enjoyed sitting around in my ever growing state.

On the Boy front, he is growing like a weed. I realised that he looks like a small toddler to me now, instead of a baby... physically he is still very behind most kids his age, and shows really no signs of walking any time soon. He's so freakin' heavy I wish this would change, but mostly I am content to let him grow at his own pace. Mentally, though, watch out! This kid is smarter than a whip and you know that he's more than aware of whats going on around him. Once he gets it into his mind to have something or do something, he will come up with a million different ways to get to it-- no matter how many times you redirect him. The older kids have affectionately given him the name, "Swipper" from the cartoon, Go Diego Go, because he is always into stuff he shouldn't be getting at. Lately, the most funny/aggravating part about Boy is that while he shows no desire to walk, he can climb like no child I've even encountered before. He has mastered the art of climbing things to get into trouble. He couldn't be happier!

Twinkle Toes has decided that it was about time the world thought I looked pregnant, and has just kind of fallen forward into my stomach. In the last week, I've had more people comment on how I finally 'look pregnant' than I have in any other pregnancy. The older kids have developed quite a love for him already and will make certain that each night when we are tucking into bed they 'feel' the baby, and talk to him through my tummy. They were excited about when Boy was born, but I can see a different level of understanding this time around and it's very endearing to see them become so attached to this little bug already.

That's about it for us.... just another week of racing around to school and practice; games and activities. I hope the weather continues to be as lovely as it's been because I really love just shooing my kids out the door all day and watching them enjoy the adventures and mess of playing out doors.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tea for Two





Sheepies birthday and other stuff

No it's not actually Sheepie's birthday yet, I just found what I want to get him and I thought I'd share it here.

He already has the Wall*E from Santa. We were going to get him the Eve as well but it was sold out EVERYWHERE. We only managed to snag the Wall*E because we found one hidden on a toy shelve at our local blockbuster. Eve is even cooler when she comes off the stand because she makes flying/landing noises.

Besides that not too much to report. Frog Prince played his best game yet of the season. No laying down in the field at all; not even anything close to it. He finally got to play something other than outfield and I think it helped nicely.

My father in law told me that something funny that FP said better end up in my blog, and now I can't remember what it was. So, Dad C., since you say that often... here is a suggestion: dust off your blog and write about it. That way you have some entries and can amaze your family with your AWESOME grandsons.

Today I got to take a lovely nap. I left my blinds open so that I wouldn't sleep too long. My wind chimes lulled me to sleep. When I woke up I felt great... and made myself the best salad for lunch.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anyone for a Spot?

Dear Boys,

I admit... lately, I've been a bit cranky. You; you've both been a bit crazy. We; well, we've all been sick and missed way too much fun.

So I hope you will forgive my crankiness. I think I am back to my old self now. While you were at school today, I figured you could use a little treat. After all, is there ever a time when we can't all use a treat?

So, come home soon. There's lots of yummy stuff waiting for you.



And yes, at my house, boys can have tea parties too. And yes, again, that is my grandmothers silver... why have pretty stuff, if you don't ever use it!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh how I want me one of these

Check this puppy out....

With the desire to move closer into town comes my increased desire to bike most places....

With this puppy, I could get all the groceries home from the market, or take ALL the kids to the library...

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

No Pithy Title Today

Why do people start their sentences with, 'Well;' I was about to type my first sentence and typed, 'Well, we've...'. It's such a weak way to start a sentence, don't you think?

We've all been sick this last weekend, which has made for some pretty uneventful days. Honestly, we are all still sick, but life can't stop for that, and today we are cleaning up the house and going on some outdoor adventure. The weather is too lovely to be stuck inside all day!

It's funny how accustom to things in life people become. I'd never say we were totally slobby people, but before we decided to put the house on the market, we certainly weren't the tidiest people on the planet. I had much more important things to do than spend my day cleaning. Now, however, with the house listed and all, I've become very good at keeping the house in a constantly pristine state (without driving my family crazy!). I had not realised that little by little our accustomed state of existence had switched from having an untidy house to a constantly clean one.

That is; until this weekend.

Little by little, toys did not get picked up, dishes did not get put away, and beds were in a constant state of unmade. Little pieces of forgotten tissue began to litter the house, where the boys had left them (rather than walk the five feet to a garbage can). By all standards, the house wasn't really a mess even, it was much tidier even than we used to have it on a day to day basis. Yet, it was driving me crazy!!! Sunday night, as we were getting snacks I commented to Hubby how I can't believe we used to live in such a messy house on a day to day basis, and he laughed.

I have to say, all and all, I am glad we've become so comfortable with living in a clean, picked up house. It makes life seem much less stress full, and it's so much easier to relax. I also am grateful that it's taught our children such good work ethics. They know how to clean their room so that it's spotless by themselves; they also know to what standard we expect it to be before we declare it clean. I am glad that unlike days past I can walk in there at any given time of the day, and it will be tidy and picked up. I am glad that they know how to empty the dishwasher, and that together they fold all the laundry by themselves. Yes, that is even Boy's and my clothes as well. And I am impressed that at five, Frog Prince can vacuum and do so well. I know that these are skills that will serve them well later in life, and leave me the time to do things like blog clean the hard stuff.

That's about it for now... just a random observation while I take a break from reclaiming our clean house.

Man, there is just something about a clean bathroom that's beautiful.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lame, but we'll move on....

Well, sadly the offer fell through.  Apparently, our buyers were not aware that since we don't live in the city limits of Corvallis (we have a Corvallis mailing address, we just live out side city limits), our house would not qualify for their down payment assistance program. Meaning, they'd not have their down payment. You can see how this would be a problem.

We are sad, but realise that this will happen when it's meant to happen, as long as we keep praying and trying to follow what is right for our family.

But today, the sun is shining (or it was when we left for story time) and we've got a fun weekend ahead of us...... And if anyone (coughDawncough) wants to buy a lovely 3 bedroom house with lots of up grades, I know where you can find one at a good price!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Offer

Well, we officially have an offer on our house. It's a nice one too, so we've decided after talking with our Realtors, and praying as a family about it, to accept.

That's right, we are going to sell this house!!!!

However, it's not over yet. We still have to go through the inspection and appraisal, and hope that the house values for what we need to sell it for.

Keep your fingers crossed and those prayers coming. Thanks so much!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Possible Offer

Alright... some possibly great news!

We've got an offer that's come in on the house...

I don't know the details yet, (like even if it's a price we'd consider) but it's a foot in the door. Please keep us in your prayers that this will work out. A house near by was appraised quite a bit lower than they were asking for, so I'm a bit worried. However, if this is what is meant for our little family right now, I have faith that it will work.

Extra prayers are always welcome though!

Weeeeeee! I'll keep people updated, when I hear more.

Friday, May 8, 2009


We have a mouse... it's in the wall behind the washer and dryer (which happens to be right by where I am typing right now) and it's totally grossing me out!!!!!!

I can hear it scratching in the wall; I've even seen the droppings behind my dryer as proof.

This thing must go away and quickly... off to the store to get me some traps.

You're going down mouse!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Twinkle Toes

All three of my kids have blog names based on their personalities in life.... I guess that is an end result of starting this blog after they were all born. This has left me having a hard time figuring out how to address the fetus baby on the blog....

That changed a few days ago.

Most mom's can recall quite clearly that moment when your baby's movements went from little flutters to full on, stomach popping kicks. In all my pregnancies, this has happened somewhere around the 7th month.

Apparently, this baby is a quick learner because when he kicks books will pop off my stomach, my hand will jump, and you can see movement. The kids got toes of a soccer player, apparently. Because of this I have come up with the most fitting name I could think of for his new Blog name.

I give you: Twinkle Toes

Missing moments

I had one of those moments today when I knew that someone was missing from our family. I never had them until Boy came along...

When I was pregnant with him, I'd always find myself passing the empty nursery, wondering to myself, I wonder when the baby is going to wake up, and then remembering that, in fact, there was no baby.....that is how I knew it was time for him to join our family.

Today the three boys were sitting in the family room playing with cars together, as I sat on the sofa reading. I looked down and though, I should go wake up Twinkle Toes (baby 4's new blog name); he'd probably like to play.

It was at the moment, I knew it was about time he should come and be with his family....Only three more months to go.