Thursday, December 23, 2010

Guess what Santa gave to me early this year?!

Yup, I finally have a decent camera again. Hubby was going to have my DSLR fixed but the repair shop told him it was already gone to heaven. So since our budget didn't allow for a new one I thought I'd be camera-less forever. Not so said Santa, and this made it's way home to me early so that I could capture all the fun leading up to Christmas.  Thanks Santa baby!

So expect a great deal more updates in the future now that I have a camera again, I feel my bloggin groove coming back!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Because I love my Bri Bri

20 YEARS AGO (1990):
1. I was 8 years old, and had just moved to Oregon.
2. I went to three different second grades.
3. I met my best friend who would later introduce me to the gospel.
4. I started a long period in my life of worst hair cuts ever. Seriously, you should check out my school photos. Eek.

10 YEARS AGO (2000):
1. I was a senior in high school
2. I was dating a kid named Trevor Skelton (what ever happend to him, he was awesome!)
3. My hair was finally starting to grow out from the world's most awkward short hair cut. (why did people let me do that twice in a row!?)
4. I delivered pizzas for Pizza hut
5. I bought my first car.

5 YEARS AGO (2005):
1. I gave birth to my second child in June.
2. I bought a house.
3. I was 23.
4. I was in one of my favourite plays I'd ever been in, Seussical.
5. Began blogging. (on another blog)
6. I got my sweet doggie Wriggley.

1 YEAR AGO (2009):
1. I gave birth to my fourth child
2. I got to experince what a week in the hospital with a sick child feels like.
3. We decided to sell our first home and listed it on the market.

THIS YEAR (2010):
1. Two of my children are enrolled in Elementary school (how did they get so old).
2. We celebrated 8 years of marriage.
3. We bought a new house and realised it was big enough we would never have to move again
4. I saw the second to last Movie in the Harry Potter Series, which is a big deal.
5. I learned to play the guitar.
6. I dyed my hair black for the first time ever and LOVED it.

NEXT YEAR (2011):
1. I will finish painting the inside of my house
2. I will win at Nanowrimo again.
3. I will start saving money to visit my little brother in Germany.
4. I will consider the idea of maybe someday, thinking about having another child... maybe....maybe.
5. I will lavish cute baby things on a friend who I never thought would have children.
6. I will compose my first song and be able to sing and play it at the same time.
7 I will finally master barre chords on my guitar.
8. I will add more purple to my hair.