Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Inspired by Nie...

A while back I was relooking at some of NieNie's older posts and have become quite in love with several of her cute earrings... Like these ones, and these ones, and then these one's I found on her sisters site.

Now, I know where they bought theres, and I was all ready to go out and buy some myself until I was walking through the fabric store and came across some lovely buttons.... Why buy what you want when you can make it faster and cheaper.

Check out my new Esty shop if you'd like a pair of your own.

An idea...

I posted this on Facebook, but for all you non facebook readers, I figure you can plop your thoughts down here.

I'm thinking of opening an esty shop, to sell some crafts and projects. Since I've posted pictures of a fair deal of my projects here, I thought I'd see what people have to say about the matter.

I'm not easily offened, so be honest, what do you all think? Is the stuff sellable, would people pay for things along the lines of stuff I've shown on my blog?

If you were shopping for someone on etsy, what would you buy, and how much would you pay?

Let me hear what you all think.