Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sweet Sheepie is growing up

When FP turned five, I put together a sweet video of pictures and videos of him through his first five years. I had every intention of doing this for Sheepie when he turned five too. For whatever reason, sadly, it never got made. Today he asked me, as FP was looking at his video, where the Sheepie video was. I had to admit it was never made. Until today....

It's a year and a half late, but while he was napping I made a video for him..... using his favourite Beatles songs. So, Happy 5 years video, my sweet Sheepie (only a year and a half late).

Boys new glasses

As you might have noticed in the back to school pictures, Boy was sporting something new in his back to school look....

After years of hoping and wishing to be like his two older brothers, Boy finally got the desires of his heart, and was told he'd get to wear glasses.

At his 3 year check up, the Dr. told me that he was quite certain that by the time he was 5 he'd need glasses for being far sighted and having an astigmatism. He has a very slight one now, and the Dr. said while he could do without them, glasses now would help. So we decided that since he was so very excited now, getting him in the habit of wearing them would be worth purchasing glasses now.

Now let's hope that either Goob and Beany both need glasses when they are older, or that neither one does. Could you imagine being the odd kid out, when it comes to wearing glasses in this family. haha

He calls them his Benny the Beaver glasses, because on the inside of the frame and on the sides, they are bright orange; his favourite colour.

First Day of School! First Day of School!!!!

As pretty much every other mommy blog in the world has updated, it's a new school year. Here are at the Carleski Casa, we too were too have been excited to greet Autumn and the smell of fresh crayons and pencil shavings. The three oldest boys counted the days anxiously from the moment we got back from Utah, and thankfully it wasn't too long of a wait for them.

Sheepie and Frog Prince were off first, heading out for a new year of fun.

FP and his 2nd grade (!!! when did he get so old) teacher, Mrs. Free.
I love her to pieces already. She is totally no nonsense, but makes the kids laugh and is very much concerned with helping FP stay on track, while still reinforcing that she cares.

Sheepie and his 1st grade teacher, Mrs. T.
I am so excited to have another kid in Mrs Tyrrell's class this year. She was so much fun to be involved with last year, and I know she will find the perfect ways to help Sheepie push himself and have fun this year.

A few days later, this noodle head started his second year of preschool. I'm not sure what happened, but looking at this picture it seemed like he grew up over night. I remember being so worried when he started last year about how small he was, but now he seems so grown up and big when he is in his class. He loves preschool so much, and asks me every night if he has class in the morning.

With the Biggies and Boy back to school, it gives me some really nice one on one time with Goober before the baby gets here. So far we've enjoyed a lot of walks and reading books together. I'm thinking, if I can work the schedule out right, we might take a water kids class together, while Boys in class.

Happy back to school!