Sunday, September 18, 2011

Boys new glasses

As you might have noticed in the back to school pictures, Boy was sporting something new in his back to school look....

After years of hoping and wishing to be like his two older brothers, Boy finally got the desires of his heart, and was told he'd get to wear glasses.

At his 3 year check up, the Dr. told me that he was quite certain that by the time he was 5 he'd need glasses for being far sighted and having an astigmatism. He has a very slight one now, and the Dr. said while he could do without them, glasses now would help. So we decided that since he was so very excited now, getting him in the habit of wearing them would be worth purchasing glasses now.

Now let's hope that either Goob and Beany both need glasses when they are older, or that neither one does. Could you imagine being the odd kid out, when it comes to wearing glasses in this family. haha

He calls them his Benny the Beaver glasses, because on the inside of the frame and on the sides, they are bright orange; his favourite colour.

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