Thursday, April 30, 2009

Highlights of the day

First a little humour. I think God has a wicked sense of humour; really I do. Today when saying my morning prayers, I asked Him to help me be more patient with my children, as lately I feel I've been kind of short tempered..... Well, He seems to like finding ways to let me test out that desire.

Imagine my surprise when I came in from mowing the law (I hate mowing the lawn, it's on a hill and I'm six months pregnant!!!) and found that the older kids had taken my entire sugar canister, dumped it on their bedroom carpet, and then driven their cars all through it.

Yup... definitely giving me a chance to practice patience!

On a completely different track. As most of you have figured out from my random postings of free samples and coupons, I like coupon clipping. I like saving money. I am however pretty new at it....I am always tickled when I can save myself 30 or so bucks on discounts and coupons, but am in constant awe of woman who can get 200 dollars worth of groceries for 25 bucks. I have a long way to go from that, but today I want to share my small triumph.

I sat down for about an hour and clipped coupons off various sites and pulled out ones that are generated with receipts at stores I then looked at the weekly specials for our local store and was ready to roll. Realising though that coupon shopping is an arduous task since you have to find very specific items, I waiting until after the kids were all in bed to venture forth to the market.

Now, I won't give you item by item savings; it'd just be too darn long! I spent about as much as I normally spend without coupon clipping and got triple the amount of food. What's more I bought more brand name items this time then I can recall ever buying in a single shopping trip EVER.

All and all I spent 188 dollars....and saved, using my club card and coupons: $80.91.

What's even better is that, in addition to that savings I got more coupons for our next trip, and a coupon for and instant $10 off my next purchase of $10 or more. I have been wanting a Swiffer wet jet for a while now, to help keep my floors clean daily, and right now at our Safeway it's 40% off for $17.99. That means if I went and got it tomorrow with my coupon I'd be getting a product that is regularly $34.19 for $7.99!!!

I don't know what it is, but there is something about being able to get this much stuff, and know I saved a great deal of money for my family, that makes me happy!

From groceries

By small things...

I don't know how many of my readers live by beaches (even lakes or sandy banked streams), but if you do.... go take a look at this woman's blog. Something that would just take a few minutes of your life could make a very big difference in the hearts of another family.

Melissa and her husband lost their baby girl shortly after her birth, and as a way of remembering her short little life, they're making a scrapbook of her name written in the sand on beaches from around the country and the world. They're doing this in celebration of her 2nd birthday. If you're planning a beach trip, or are near enough to a beach to take a day trip, would you mind taking the time to write her name in the sand for them? Keep in mind, it doesn't have to be an ocean beach. If you have a lake beach, or reservoir beach, or even a riverbank... that would work too! All the information is on the site linked to above. There is a deadline, they'd like all the photos by June 1st.

Thanks everybody! :-D Remember, sometimes, God sends His angels in the form of people lending a hand to their neighbor. Whether we know the neighbor or not.

I stole that last paragraph from my friend Bri.... Bri dearest I hope you don't mind!!!!

Some more samples to enjoy! < Best foods/Hellmans (same thing) mayo.... and really in my mind it's the best! << Free sample of Gillette products

And while I'm not sure it's in all the papers, it was in ours, so it might be worth looking around for. Safeway had some great buy 30 dollars save 10 dollars coupons; along with some more regular coupons. Way better than the buy 50 save 10 I got in the mail. I am going to try to use both. And if they won't let me. I'll just ring up 30 dollars worth of stuff in a separate transaction.

Hope you can find them!

Enjoy the day.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Thoughts

If everyone could say a little prayer (as silly as the reason sounds) for me, I'd be grateful. We had another person come look at the house today, which is a good thing. Except, that it caught me off guard, and there were several things not very tidy... vacuumed floor, our bed not being made.

I kind of panicked when I got the call because it was either that they didn't come see the house (they could only come at that time) or they came and saw it untidy. The realtor laughed on the phone when I told her that and said she was sure her client could look past an unmade bed or two, but I still really want them to like the house.

This is only the second person we've had come see the house, and I am getting nervous.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Calling all hands

About two weeks back Frog Prince woke up rather early and came to snuggle up in bed with me. Since no one else was awake, and frankly, I didn't want to be either, I turned on the TV for him to watch. Apparently, Reading Rainbow, replaced Mister Roger's Neighbourhood, for the 6:30 am slot on PBS. It just so happened that morning the show talked about treasure hunting, and in particular searching for the Titanic. That was all FP needed to see to become completely enchanted. He begged me to get him every book and movie the library had to offer on the subject and do so quickly.

At first I was a bit worried, I'll admit. FP is a very sensitive soul, and I wasn't sure how he'd take the fact that over 1500 people died on the boat, when they really didn't have to (had they been more prepared). I could also remember back to my own budding love for the Titanic and remembering how creepy and eery the underwater wreckage videos were. For a boy who cried through, Bolt, I was certain these films would be too much. Nevertheless, I ventured forth to our beloved Bibliotheque and acquired the entire collection, sans seriously over his head books.

From Fun during the week of April 6

Frog Prince with his block models of the Titanic, the iceberg, and the Carpathia.

Two weeks have past, since his infatuation begun and each day he is able to tell me more and more amazing facts about the Titanic, the boat that rescued it, the White Star Line, both of the Titanic's sister ships, and a myriad of other things. Even today, he sat through a half an hour National Geographics video on sunken ships and tools that recover them, just so that he could understand it all better and catch the 5 minute segment on the Titanic.

Not only has he become enamoured, but the love has spread to Sheepie as well, who will happily sit and discuss over and over in detail with anyone who will listen exactly what happened to the ship.

From Fun during the week of April 6

A close up of the Carpathia racing to save the people on the doomed ship.

So, if you ever happen across two toe headed little boys who are spouting endless and amazingly detailed facts (so things I even didn't know) about the night of April 15th, 1912, I'd say it's a safe bet that they are probably my children.

This next picture doesn't have anything to do with the Titanic, but I loved Sheepie's block work, and FP took the picture. This is a parking lot that Sheepie and his Wall*E toy built for all of their cars to park at and get drinks. Too cute! Like I said, FP took the picture, and you can see Sheepie and his Wall*E there in the background.

From Fun during the week of April 6

Rained out

Okay folks.... I hate to break this to you, but in Oregon it rains!

If you're going to have a sport in the spring time, you should count on the fact you will have to practice in the rain. That's just how it works here.

FP had his second cancelled practice of the season because of rain. I understand that these kids are only 5 and 6 years old, but if they're going to be playing baseball, why not get them used to the rain early. It's not like the league is going to cancel Thursday's game because of rain... all that's going to happen is that the other team will have practiced more than we did.

Can you tell that I am not pleased?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Out of the mouth of babes

I was up early this morning, working on some stuff for Girls Camp, on my computer. Sheepie woke up and slothfully makes his way to my side and cuddles into to me. So I gave him a hug and figured he'd move on his way, as he tends to do in the mornings. Instead he grabs my hand off the keyboard, and pulls me out of my chair.

"I want to be with you," he said, and then proceeded to pull me down the hallway to my bed, where he curled up and waited for me to do the same right next to him. Great start to the morning!!!!

At breakfast(the other two were still sleeping, it was still just Sheepie and me) this is how the conversation went.

Sheepie: Knock Knock
Me: Who's there?
Sheepie: Titanic
Me: Titanic, who?
Sheepie: *eruption of laughter* Carpathia!!!!!

Round Two

Sheepie: Knock knock.
Me: Who's there?
Sheepie: Phila.
Me: Phila, who?
Sheepie: Philadelphia Chicken, Swing slide, and roll!!! *More side splitting laughter*

Don't you just love little kids jokes!!!!  The second one was actually pretty cleverly put together for a three year old!

Lastly, and oldie but a goodie.  For Easter we had my Father in law over, since his wife was back in Chicago visiting my sister in law's family.  Frog Prince had this little exchange with him, which made me giggle as I heard it from the kitchen.

FP: Papa, do you know your last name is the same last name as ours (except he said our last name)
Papa: Yup, I do. Do you know why it's the same?
FP: *without a moments pause* Well, I'm pretty sure Jesus made it that way.

Way to go FP, my boy.... always the deep and thoughtful one, aren't you!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Take me out to the ball game

Saturday Frog Prince had his first ever T ball game. It was so sweet so all those little kids running around. I was surprised at how many of them actually knew what they were doing.

Frog Prince's team is called the White Socks and he is more than tickled to have his 'real' uniform and equipment. We even bought him his own tee, so that he could practice at home.

From First Tball game and Sunday bike ride

We got professional pictures taken as well, but here's a first look at his never again clean uniform.

From First Tball game and Sunday bike ride

This is Frog Prince and his good friend, Glen. They are on different teams and played their first game against each other. It's nice to play with friends.

From First Tball game and Sunday bike ride

Starting the game off in the field... Look at him throw that ball.

From First Tball game and Sunday bike ride

Then he was the first up to bat on his team. This shot looked funny to me for a long time, and then I realised his coach had him batting right handed... he's a lefty. (but this way I got his face!)

From First Tball game and Sunday bike ride

Running those bases!

From First Tball game and Sunday bike ride

Running in to score the first point for his team. Yeah!

(okay, they don't keep score this young, but he was the first one on his team to make it home.)

All and all it was a great, sunny day for a game. Tball games only go three innings, so it wasn't too long to watch, and was just about right for their little attention spans. Afterward we went out to Red Robins for dinner and then took him shopping to get some new clothes at Kohls (because he needed them, not because of the game).

Adventures at the Zoo

What could be better than a trip to the zoo, you might ask? How about a trip to the zoo with your best friend?

The kids have all been so great about keeping the house clean, and not getting to make messes. I really felt like we needed to have an adventure to just get away and be able to run around and be crazy. Where better to act like a wild animal than at the zoo.

Last Wednesday when I dropped the kids off at school, I stopped FPs best friend's mom and asked her if we could take Chad along to the Portland Zoo with us after school. She said yes and three hours later (when they got out of school) we were off. It was a prefect day because it didn't rain, but since it was still a bit on the colder side there were barely any people there. I put Boy in his hiking backpack, and was able to happy keep up with the three older kids as they ran to their hearts content through the whole zoo.

From April zoo with Chad

Starting off at the Zoo, with LOTS of energy to burn.

From April zoo with Chad

Sheepie and Chad check out a mountain goat. It's one of the first time's I've actually seen them out at the zoo.

From April zoo with Chad

Everyone loved the giant suspension bridge that is one the Northwest trail.

From April zoo with Chad

One of Frog Prince's favourite places at the zoo is the log slide. We also tried to find the slide that was in the old Dino exhibit... but I think they may have closed off where the exhibit was once it left.

From April zoo with Chad

For those who know Sheepie, you know that Tick Tock crock is one of his favourites... I couldn't have asked for a better shot.

From April zoo with Chad

I can't remember what animal they were mimicking here. Maybe a monkey?

From April zoo with Chad

My favourite place is the penguins. I have pictures of myself in this exact same place as a little girl.

From April zoo with Chad

In the frigid polar bear cave.

From April zoo with Chad

The gift shop bears are getting festive for the warmer weather!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our family

From Fun during the week of April 6

This is a picture of our family that Frog Prince drew in Sunday School a few weeks ago. They were talking about growing seeds and how they become big strong things. The teacher took them 'camping' in the Mighty Redwoods, and then gave them all a big pine tree seed to put in an envelop as a reminder. On the back FP drew the redwoods.... on the front; our family camping.

Don't you just love how he draws people. I can't help but laugh at the fact that we are all round balls with legs popping out. They are my favourite!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Up and about

He's not flying solo yet... but he's able to cruise pretty quickly when he's holding onto his walker.

Maybe it will be sooner than later.

Yet another reason to love Sheepie

And here is just one more reason why I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sheepie (and why he is so much like his mother).

This picture is of how we found him after pulling him out of bed Easter morning. He refused to get up-- even knowing the Easter Bunny had come-- and wanted, 'five more minutes!'.

Even the attack chicken couldn't get him up until he was ready.

If you've not heard the story of the attack chicken here is the short version of it. That doll hubby is holding is the Philadelphia Chicken from this very cute musical song book.

He got it for Christmas two years ago, and somewhere along the line it became the doll that protects him from the monsters under his bed (what with having the bottom bunk they are very near by and all). It can be snugly and cute but at a moments notices starts to 'bock' and 'swing, slide and roll' all over you. Needless to say, it's very effective at beating up monsters and while we do hear an occasional out burst of clucking and squawking in the middle of the night, we've not seen a monster since he came to live with us.

Easter at the Mighty C's

This is us at the Portland LDS temple the Saturday before Easter. Our new family tradition is to go up as a family the day before Easter. Boy doesn't look all that happy that we didn't put him in his Sunday best.

Frog Prince finds where the Easter Bunny left his basket

And here is Sheepie finding his basket

This is about as close to Boys basket as he got.

But man... chocolate tasted great. This is the manic look of, 'why've you been keeping this stuff from me for a whole year Mom?'

Here is a quick snap shot we grabbed before church. I love Sheepies goofy grin. What you totally can't see is the plaid bow tie that Boy is sporting.

Monday, April 13, 2009

And the verdict is:


Apparently, we are destined to have boys in this house and carry on the family name. No name to announce, since we don't post our kids real names on the blog... but I will come up with something cute to call him soon.

Here is a few pictures

For Danna

Sorry for the strange post folks... but Danna I don't think I have your email handy and figured this would be the easiest way for you to get mine....

It's just my first name and my last name with no spaces at


Make sense?

Hope so.

Easter Pictures coming soon, for everyone else!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The moment you've all been waiting for

Okay, probably we've been the only one waiting for it... but here it is.

Our house is officially listed!

It hit last night, and our realtor says it will trickle to every other site today and tomorrow. Hopefully that means that people will start seeing it and want to come visit.  We listed the house Friday, but since it wasn't on the web yet I figured it wouldn't get any calls. I am actually pretty okay with that, since I still have two more projects t o finish today. 

I got all the laundry folded last night (I've been keeping up with cleaning laundry it's just been put on the wayside for folding, because of other projects), and it's sitting in our living room. I'm just waiting for the boys to wake up so I can put it in the dressers.

All the projects are either finished or will be today. I got the Granite around the fire place laid yesterday and now that it's cured 24 hrs  in our lovely hot weather, I can grout and seal it today! Our room is also clean and rearranged (my last major project). I just have to pull out the carpet cleaner while the kids are at school today and run it over our room and theirs.

Hubby pressure washed last night, and is going to finish up today and lay the grass seed. Now that we've got all the crap out of the back yard from all the projects it looks much better than it did. I think people will not be scared of it anymore; they'll just see the sign that we've reseeded and know that in a few weeks it will have some lovely new grass (perfect for the upcoming summer)!

That's about it....when it shows up on Remax, I'll link it, since I think we'll have a virtual tour or something up there.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weather. The 75 degrees yesterday was heaven sent, and will be back today. My kids euphoric at the idea of playing out side all day in shorts. 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The weekly wonders of our lives

Not too much amazing to report (except for the very nature of our family being amazing!).

The list of things to do is quickly shrinking and I love being able to draw a squiggly in through each thing as I finish it. I just applied the last coat of stain to the bathroom vanity and mirror and think they look lovely! Cherry coloured wood is one of my favourite stains and I think it makes the whole room feel richer. I just have to wait 8 hours (so around 7 pm tonight) and then I can hang the mirror and all my pictures back up, give it a good deep cleaning and enjoy the fact that the bathroom will be sale ready!!!! I'll post pictures, because I love how the room looks.

All I have left on my list for today and tomorrow is:

Touching up the paint in the hallway
Painting the back door and dining room window seal (next on my list to do)
Paint the new hall closet door we installed
Touch up the white paint again in the kitchen and around the door knobs
Install the marble around the fireplace (this we are not going to try and get done before the list date)
and clean the carpets

I'm going to do that last one tonight after I drop the kids off at my moms house for the weekend. Perfect timing or what! Hubby still has to finish up the back yard (it's full of all the junk and tools and spare stuff we've pulled out and torn down during our projects) put a new threshold under the new back door and pressure wash the back of the house.

It still seems like a long list, but considering all that's been done, it's really short and will easily be done by tomorrow afternoon when our Realtors hopefully come over to officially list the house.
Say a little prayer for us, that we'll get it all done without going insane.

The older kids get to run off and have fun all weekend though with my mother. Her neighbourhood country club, or whatever it is, is having it's annual Easter Egg Hunt this weekend so she invited the boys up to spend a couple nights at her house and just get to hang out with Grandma. Since she doesn't have to work tomorrow, they are spending both Thursday and Friday night with her, and then coming home sometime Saturday afternoon. Hubby and I are driving them up to meet her at her office in Salem (she lives in Portland, so it's half way for both of us) and then after we drop them off we're going to take advantage of the Olive Garden gift card that we've had since Christmas. Now all I have to do is manage to get all the paint of me and find a skirt and heels that I half way fit into (thanks pregnancy water retention!).

Boy had his 12 month check up yesterday and was a champ. The doctor said he couldn't remember the last time he had a one year old actually smiling and laughing during their check up. Normally, I guess they are quiet afraid of the doctor at this age, because they start to remember that things like shots happen at check ups. Not so with my Boy... he was all smiles and our 12 mon check was all smiles -- even after a brief not so fun encounter with vaccine shots....boooooo!

I planted some more flowers in the yard to make it more colourful, but I still think I need more. So if anyone is redoing their yard and needs to find some flowers new homes; or knows a place where I can score some more flowers cheap/free, let me know.

Alright, my peach yoghurt's gone, so it means back to finishing that list off!