Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Thoughts

If everyone could say a little prayer (as silly as the reason sounds) for me, I'd be grateful. We had another person come look at the house today, which is a good thing. Except, that it caught me off guard, and there were several things not very tidy... vacuumed floor, our bed not being made.

I kind of panicked when I got the call because it was either that they didn't come see the house (they could only come at that time) or they came and saw it untidy. The realtor laughed on the phone when I told her that and said she was sure her client could look past an unmade bed or two, but I still really want them to like the house.

This is only the second person we've had come see the house, and I am getting nervous.



Nay said...

No, its not silly! Selling a house is stressful and taxing. Believe me we put our house in our prayer every night! It will work out. I wish you the best and thinking happy thoughts for you...and your house :-)

Betts Family said...

Do you have your eye on some other property?