Thursday, April 30, 2009

By small things...

I don't know how many of my readers live by beaches (even lakes or sandy banked streams), but if you do.... go take a look at this woman's blog. Something that would just take a few minutes of your life could make a very big difference in the hearts of another family.

Melissa and her husband lost their baby girl shortly after her birth, and as a way of remembering her short little life, they're making a scrapbook of her name written in the sand on beaches from around the country and the world. They're doing this in celebration of her 2nd birthday. If you're planning a beach trip, or are near enough to a beach to take a day trip, would you mind taking the time to write her name in the sand for them? Keep in mind, it doesn't have to be an ocean beach. If you have a lake beach, or reservoir beach, or even a riverbank... that would work too! All the information is on the site linked to above. There is a deadline, they'd like all the photos by June 1st.

Thanks everybody! :-D Remember, sometimes, God sends His angels in the form of people lending a hand to their neighbor. Whether we know the neighbor or not.

I stole that last paragraph from my friend Bri.... Bri dearest I hope you don't mind!!!!


2feetonearth1inthestars said...

Thank you so so much for linking to my posts about my angel Calypso. It means the world to me that this is being reposted. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

and Many blessings for you
God Bless

Nay said...

We don't live near a beach, but I'll pass this on. Its great that you're passing this on.

Aubri said...

Totally don't mind, thank you for doing this!