Friday, April 24, 2009

Out of the mouth of babes

I was up early this morning, working on some stuff for Girls Camp, on my computer. Sheepie woke up and slothfully makes his way to my side and cuddles into to me. So I gave him a hug and figured he'd move on his way, as he tends to do in the mornings. Instead he grabs my hand off the keyboard, and pulls me out of my chair.

"I want to be with you," he said, and then proceeded to pull me down the hallway to my bed, where he curled up and waited for me to do the same right next to him. Great start to the morning!!!!

At breakfast(the other two were still sleeping, it was still just Sheepie and me) this is how the conversation went.

Sheepie: Knock Knock
Me: Who's there?
Sheepie: Titanic
Me: Titanic, who?
Sheepie: *eruption of laughter* Carpathia!!!!!

Round Two

Sheepie: Knock knock.
Me: Who's there?
Sheepie: Phila.
Me: Phila, who?
Sheepie: Philadelphia Chicken, Swing slide, and roll!!! *More side splitting laughter*

Don't you just love little kids jokes!!!!  The second one was actually pretty cleverly put together for a three year old!

Lastly, and oldie but a goodie.  For Easter we had my Father in law over, since his wife was back in Chicago visiting my sister in law's family.  Frog Prince had this little exchange with him, which made me giggle as I heard it from the kitchen.

FP: Papa, do you know your last name is the same last name as ours (except he said our last name)
Papa: Yup, I do. Do you know why it's the same?
FP: *without a moments pause* Well, I'm pretty sure Jesus made it that way.

Way to go FP, my boy.... always the deep and thoughtful one, aren't you!


Danna said...

You gotta laugh.. I have been the pleasure of hearing my kiddos tell lots of jokes and they are so silly we just laugh and laugh. Funny..
Way cute on the snuggle time. How sweet those little spirits are.

Jon said...

Amazing young man! Thanks for sharing.

Nay said...

Very cute. Trouble also loves knock knock jokes, but doesn't quite get the intended puns. Which makes them even more fun. Travis and I heard something the other day, it was "I love you to distraction." I guess that is what kids are all a good way :-)