Thursday, April 2, 2009

The weekly wonders of our lives

Not too much amazing to report (except for the very nature of our family being amazing!).

The list of things to do is quickly shrinking and I love being able to draw a squiggly in through each thing as I finish it. I just applied the last coat of stain to the bathroom vanity and mirror and think they look lovely! Cherry coloured wood is one of my favourite stains and I think it makes the whole room feel richer. I just have to wait 8 hours (so around 7 pm tonight) and then I can hang the mirror and all my pictures back up, give it a good deep cleaning and enjoy the fact that the bathroom will be sale ready!!!! I'll post pictures, because I love how the room looks.

All I have left on my list for today and tomorrow is:

Touching up the paint in the hallway
Painting the back door and dining room window seal (next on my list to do)
Paint the new hall closet door we installed
Touch up the white paint again in the kitchen and around the door knobs
Install the marble around the fireplace (this we are not going to try and get done before the list date)
and clean the carpets

I'm going to do that last one tonight after I drop the kids off at my moms house for the weekend. Perfect timing or what! Hubby still has to finish up the back yard (it's full of all the junk and tools and spare stuff we've pulled out and torn down during our projects) put a new threshold under the new back door and pressure wash the back of the house.

It still seems like a long list, but considering all that's been done, it's really short and will easily be done by tomorrow afternoon when our Realtors hopefully come over to officially list the house.
Say a little prayer for us, that we'll get it all done without going insane.

The older kids get to run off and have fun all weekend though with my mother. Her neighbourhood country club, or whatever it is, is having it's annual Easter Egg Hunt this weekend so she invited the boys up to spend a couple nights at her house and just get to hang out with Grandma. Since she doesn't have to work tomorrow, they are spending both Thursday and Friday night with her, and then coming home sometime Saturday afternoon. Hubby and I are driving them up to meet her at her office in Salem (she lives in Portland, so it's half way for both of us) and then after we drop them off we're going to take advantage of the Olive Garden gift card that we've had since Christmas. Now all I have to do is manage to get all the paint of me and find a skirt and heels that I half way fit into (thanks pregnancy water retention!).

Boy had his 12 month check up yesterday and was a champ. The doctor said he couldn't remember the last time he had a one year old actually smiling and laughing during their check up. Normally, I guess they are quiet afraid of the doctor at this age, because they start to remember that things like shots happen at check ups. Not so with my Boy... he was all smiles and our 12 mon check was all smiles -- even after a brief not so fun encounter with vaccine shots....boooooo!

I planted some more flowers in the yard to make it more colourful, but I still think I need more. So if anyone is redoing their yard and needs to find some flowers new homes; or knows a place where I can score some more flowers cheap/free, let me know.

Alright, my peach yoghurt's gone, so it means back to finishing that list off!


Betts Family said...

Your boy is so good-natured! p.s. if you need sitting again anytime while you do projects, let me know!

Allanna said...

I'm so impressed with you.

I feel really, really lazy now in comparison.

I still love you.

Nay said...

Sounds like the end it nearing! Good luck with the realtors!!