Monday, March 30, 2009

Almost ready

Not too much to report this week... we've worked hard, we've played hard; all in all it's been great!

Most of the week has been spent working on the house, so that it will be ready to list at the end of this week. The bathroom has been torn apart and put back together again. We had to fix a patch job done by the previous owner on the ceiling that was done badly... And ended up replacing a large section of dry wall on the wall, because it was put in horribly and was cracking and peeling. The tub has been re caulked (and I am still trying to find something that will clean it enough that it doesn't look like a 50 year old tub), and fresh paint has been added to the door and trim. I am just waiting for Hubby to add texture to the dry wall for me to repaint the room.

The part of the ceiling where the Spackle and texture were coming off in the entry way is all fixed. When the house was first build it had this strange ( and nasty) sliding divider there that was an attempt at creating an entry way... hard to explain except that it was nasty. Some previous owner took it down and 'patched' the ceiling where it was affixed. They did a really bad job and shortly after we moved in, the patching started to crumble off... We've lived with it, but needless to say we fixed it! The best part was having my front entryway/living room tarped off all week while they sanded and Spackle and all the other stuff that was involved.

We also have a lovely new back door. I replaced the front door with my father in law, shortly after we moved in, but have waited hopefully and patiently for three years to get a non ghetto back door. Well, I finally got one-- just in time to move! It is lovely though and being white makes the room seem much more open now!

The back yard has also been completely ripped up and will hopefully be reseeded today. The dogs trashed the backyard this winter, and managed to ruin most of the grass. So now that that doggies have gone to live at new homes (since we will be living in an apartment while we build) we are reseeding the back yard.

So all we have left now, is installing the tile around our fire place, finishing some painting and planting some flowers in the front to give the yard some more colour (all my plants are late spring/summer bulbs). And cleaning!!!! The house is so dirty and neglected from doing the projects it needs a good deep cleaning. Wish me luck!!!

We did take Saturday off though, and went to the Gilbert House to play. My mom had never been there so we invited her to come with us. When I don't have Boy trying to eat my laptop, I will post pictures. For now, here are some cute older pictures that I just want to share, because I love them!


Betts Family said...

Wait a minute...I didn't know you were moving!! Where are you moving to? Did I miss something?

Betts Family said...

Awesome! A bigger house for a growing family :D

Allanna said...

You are a powerhouse. I am in awe.

Danna said...

Great Job Katie, We are praying for a quick sale for you. I too have always been amazed at your acomplishments. If your ever int he Tri-cities area and need a rest we would be glad to see you. I take it you wont be going to camp this year..

Nay said...

I sympathize! Yes, it is a bummer to get everything just right then move! I hope is sells fast. How long do you anticipate for your new house to finish? Do you already have property? It sounds exciting!!