Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Two dollar wicker baskets

Today I was at Winco and saw laundry baskets on the top shelf that I wanted.... they were perfect for the kids rooms, and they are normally cheap since they're from Winco.... so I ask one of the clerks how much they cost and he informs me according to the skew they are..... wait for it.....


That's right. these are full sized laundry hampers. Not huge, but certainly enough to hold a load or two of clothes.

I am skeptical, so I grab the last two that are left (just in case) and head to check out, where I ask the lady to check how much they really cost. The first one run up as 19.89 and I knew it was too good to be true. So in no attempt to do anything but inform the lady that her sing needed to be fixed, I told her the clerk and I both checked it and it was marked incorrectly. Suddenly there is a mass of Winco people talking and they notice that the two identical hampers have different skew numbers on them....without bothering to check what the price was on the second basket someone just announced that I should get them for two bucks since that is what the sign said.

So I present to you my laundry baskets which I got at a 90% discount (they would have cost me 40.00 together normally and I got them for a grand total of $4.00)

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nicole said...

that's a steal!! go you!