Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Train trips and other family fun

Okay, Hubby might think I have wasted my day when he sees the amount I've posted today.... but if you read this before getting home, rest assured, I did get stuff done today! The yard is as ready to be rototilled as I could get it, and I have laundry and birthday mess under control.
(And is anyone else having a problem resizing their pictures on blogger.... mine all turned out super small! Sorry)

Over the last month or so of weekends we've been off on so many adventures I could hardly keep up with it all... So I thought I'd share a few photos of what we've been doing. Nothings been edited or retouched because I'm trying to hurry along and do some other things, but here you go.

We recently bought a membership to a children's center called the A.C. Gilbert House, in Salem, and it is great!!!

Sheepie working the grocery store at the Gilbert House (above) and Frog Prince

driving a boat down river (below).

Along with our Gilbert House membership comes a free membership to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) and we've enjoyed having free access to both.

Frog Prince working at the water station in OSMI.

Two beavers *really they were chipmunks but my kids are from Corvallis* hard at work.

Daddy and a baby Beaver... they even had the costumes in little baby sizes!

And just to prove I was there: Me impersonating the Mona Lisa at OMSI's 'mysteries of da Vinci.'

The weekend following our trip to OMSI we thought it would be fun to take the kids on their first train trip. It is something I've wanted to do for a while, and it was as good a day as any, so we bought tickets and away we went.... It actually turned out to be quite an adventure! Our train to Salem was delayed until the time at which our train from Salem home was to be leaving Salem... so we had to figure out how to get up to Salem in time to get on the return train.... enter the greyhound bus. The 'only' option was the change our out going train tickets for bus tickets and ride the bus up. It would get us there just in time to catch our return train... So we did... I am NOT a fan of buses. They kids were thrilled though; not only did they get to ride a train, but a big bus as well! When we got to Salem, our train returning home was then delayed and it turned out that the train we were supposed to ride up to Salem arrived just before (and I mean literally; they had to decide which train to pull into the station first) the one we were taking home. So we could have skipped the bus all together... It was a great adventure though and one the kids won't forget anytime soon. They are already asking when we can do it again.

Boy and Sheepie on the Bus!
Hubby waiting for his 1st train ride in Salem

A friend of ours ended up being at the station and took our picture in front of the train.

Finally on the train; everyone is Happy!!!!

That kind of sums up most of our recent adventures.... if you've not been on a train lately, I recommend the trip (just for fun)... it's cheap and relaxing.

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