Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The moment you've all been waiting for

Okay, probably we've been the only one waiting for it... but here it is.

Our house is officially listed!

It hit realtor.com last night, and our realtor says it will trickle to every other site today and tomorrow. Hopefully that means that people will start seeing it and want to come visit.  We listed the house Friday, but since it wasn't on the web yet I figured it wouldn't get any calls. I am actually pretty okay with that, since I still have two more projects t o finish today. 

I got all the laundry folded last night (I've been keeping up with cleaning laundry it's just been put on the wayside for folding, because of other projects), and it's sitting in our living room. I'm just waiting for the boys to wake up so I can put it in the dressers.

All the projects are either finished or will be today. I got the Granite around the fire place laid yesterday and now that it's cured 24 hrs  in our lovely hot weather, I can grout and seal it today! Our room is also clean and rearranged (my last major project). I just have to pull out the carpet cleaner while the kids are at school today and run it over our room and theirs.

Hubby pressure washed last night, and is going to finish up today and lay the grass seed. Now that we've got all the crap out of the back yard from all the projects it looks much better than it did. I think people will not be scared of it anymore; they'll just see the sign that we've reseeded and know that in a few weeks it will have some lovely new grass (perfect for the upcoming summer)!

That's about it....when it shows up on Remax, I'll link it, since I think we'll have a virtual tour or something up there.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weather. The 75 degrees yesterday was heaven sent, and will be back today. My kids euphoric at the idea of playing out side all day in shorts. 


Nay said...

Very cute! I love the colors of your living room. Wishing you a quick sale!!

Danna said...

Thant is great news!! Good luck. I pray that it will work out great for you. I cant believe that you are doing camp through all of the list of duties you have. When is camp BTW? Our girls is shortly afterschool is out. Lert me know. Would be great to drive down and see everyone nowe that we are settled. This last year has been crazy. Also, I privatized my blog. I don't have your email to add so let me know.

Allanna said...

Looking great! And I love that Brother Boyter gets to be your agent. How cool! (Tell him "hi" for us.)

Also yay on adding another boy to the clan! And you were worried about having to adapt to a girl. ^_^ If you ever need any little-girl time, you just let me know, okay? I'll offer you some Bucket-bonding. ^_^