Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Calling all hands

About two weeks back Frog Prince woke up rather early and came to snuggle up in bed with me. Since no one else was awake, and frankly, I didn't want to be either, I turned on the TV for him to watch. Apparently, Reading Rainbow, replaced Mister Roger's Neighbourhood, for the 6:30 am slot on PBS. It just so happened that morning the show talked about treasure hunting, and in particular searching for the Titanic. That was all FP needed to see to become completely enchanted. He begged me to get him every book and movie the library had to offer on the subject and do so quickly.

At first I was a bit worried, I'll admit. FP is a very sensitive soul, and I wasn't sure how he'd take the fact that over 1500 people died on the boat, when they really didn't have to (had they been more prepared). I could also remember back to my own budding love for the Titanic and remembering how creepy and eery the underwater wreckage videos were. For a boy who cried through, Bolt, I was certain these films would be too much. Nevertheless, I ventured forth to our beloved Bibliotheque and acquired the entire collection, sans seriously over his head books.

From Fun during the week of April 6

Frog Prince with his block models of the Titanic, the iceberg, and the Carpathia.

Two weeks have past, since his infatuation begun and each day he is able to tell me more and more amazing facts about the Titanic, the boat that rescued it, the White Star Line, both of the Titanic's sister ships, and a myriad of other things. Even today, he sat through a half an hour National Geographics video on sunken ships and tools that recover them, just so that he could understand it all better and catch the 5 minute segment on the Titanic.

Not only has he become enamoured, but the love has spread to Sheepie as well, who will happily sit and discuss over and over in detail with anyone who will listen exactly what happened to the ship.

From Fun during the week of April 6

A close up of the Carpathia racing to save the people on the doomed ship.

So, if you ever happen across two toe headed little boys who are spouting endless and amazingly detailed facts (so things I even didn't know) about the night of April 15th, 1912, I'd say it's a safe bet that they are probably my children.

This next picture doesn't have anything to do with the Titanic, but I loved Sheepie's block work, and FP took the picture. This is a parking lot that Sheepie and his Wall*E toy built for all of their cars to park at and get drinks. Too cute! Like I said, FP took the picture, and you can see Sheepie and his Wall*E there in the background.

From Fun during the week of April 6


Megan Zimmerman said...

I have a series of videos from National Geographic (i think) all about the titanic...if you are interested. i also have a cd of music from the titanic (not the motion pic, but real music from the era) if you are so inclined as well...just let me know!!! and btw, you should email the real name of boy #4!!! (double ps, the word verification this time was "ingship" which I thought quite fitting!)

nicole said...

if you ever venture to las vegas, the luxor has what is supposed to be an awesome titanic exhibit. they even have original wreckage recovered from the ocean floor on display!
i've been wanting to go, for a couple weeks (since our news station did a story about it on the anniversary... apparently they were having a special that day in honor of the anniversary.)
maybe i'll get to go soon! i hinted to my hubby for mother's day, so if i get to go, i'll send you some pictures!