Friday, May 29, 2009

Great sale at Albertsons

Hurry to Albertson's folks.

Right now if you buy the specially marked 5 pk of Kraft Mac and Cheese you get, not only a second 5pk entirely free, but two boxes of Capri Sun....

The way it works is you get two of the boxes that have coupons on them for a free box of Capri Sun Sunrise Splash. Then walk over to the drink Aisle and grab yourself two boxes of Capri Sun... they were out of the Sunrise Splash (their breakfast drink) so we go just regular old Capri Sun and it worked out fine. Take it all to the register with your club card and watch the savings roll in!

The way my kids go through drinks in the summer, I like every single free one I can get... and really, who of us, doesn't have Mac and Cheese, even if it's just in your food storage. So it's a total win all around.

Just make sure you grab the specially marked 5 pk boxes, they have to have the coupon attached to them.

Happy shopping!

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