Friday, May 29, 2009

Dear Someday,

I know that a lot of people are always asking you for things.... and most of the time I understand that you're pretty busy. Normally, I try to be pretty content with what Today gives to me. But Someday I've really got a few things I could use right now and have a feeling you're the guy to ask.

Someday, can I walk into my bathroom and not find myself standing in a puddle of my three year olds pee?

Someday, can I have a baby who doesn't fall asleep somewhere on the floor right before we have to be out the door.

and speaking of that baby:

Someday, could he please learn to walk!!!!

Someday, can I have floors that magically sweep themselves....

Somday, can I have a car that doesn't have electrical issues....

Someday, can I have at least one day where we make it with out anyone (myself included) crying.

But I guess, most importantly:

Someday, let me realise that it's all going by way too quickly, and when I look back at what Today has given me, let me be happy, that hopefully, I did it all with a smile on my face and joy in the moment.

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