Monday, May 18, 2009

No Pithy Title Today

Why do people start their sentences with, 'Well;' I was about to type my first sentence and typed, 'Well, we've...'. It's such a weak way to start a sentence, don't you think?

We've all been sick this last weekend, which has made for some pretty uneventful days. Honestly, we are all still sick, but life can't stop for that, and today we are cleaning up the house and going on some outdoor adventure. The weather is too lovely to be stuck inside all day!

It's funny how accustom to things in life people become. I'd never say we were totally slobby people, but before we decided to put the house on the market, we certainly weren't the tidiest people on the planet. I had much more important things to do than spend my day cleaning. Now, however, with the house listed and all, I've become very good at keeping the house in a constantly pristine state (without driving my family crazy!). I had not realised that little by little our accustomed state of existence had switched from having an untidy house to a constantly clean one.

That is; until this weekend.

Little by little, toys did not get picked up, dishes did not get put away, and beds were in a constant state of unmade. Little pieces of forgotten tissue began to litter the house, where the boys had left them (rather than walk the five feet to a garbage can). By all standards, the house wasn't really a mess even, it was much tidier even than we used to have it on a day to day basis. Yet, it was driving me crazy!!! Sunday night, as we were getting snacks I commented to Hubby how I can't believe we used to live in such a messy house on a day to day basis, and he laughed.

I have to say, all and all, I am glad we've become so comfortable with living in a clean, picked up house. It makes life seem much less stress full, and it's so much easier to relax. I also am grateful that it's taught our children such good work ethics. They know how to clean their room so that it's spotless by themselves; they also know to what standard we expect it to be before we declare it clean. I am glad that unlike days past I can walk in there at any given time of the day, and it will be tidy and picked up. I am glad that they know how to empty the dishwasher, and that together they fold all the laundry by themselves. Yes, that is even Boy's and my clothes as well. And I am impressed that at five, Frog Prince can vacuum and do so well. I know that these are skills that will serve them well later in life, and leave me the time to do things like blog clean the hard stuff.

That's about it for now... just a random observation while I take a break from reclaiming our clean house.

Man, there is just something about a clean bathroom that's beautiful.

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Betts Family said...

The bathroom looks awesome! I love it.