Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anyone for a Spot?

Dear Boys,

I admit... lately, I've been a bit cranky. You; you've both been a bit crazy. We; well, we've all been sick and missed way too much fun.

So I hope you will forgive my crankiness. I think I am back to my old self now. While you were at school today, I figured you could use a little treat. After all, is there ever a time when we can't all use a treat?

So, come home soon. There's lots of yummy stuff waiting for you.



And yes, at my house, boys can have tea parties too. And yes, again, that is my grandmothers silver... why have pretty stuff, if you don't ever use it!


Shauna said...

What a good mommy you are! I hope you take lots of pictures to remember your fun tea party. Too cute!!

Nay said...

Thats sweet! I can really learn a lesson from you on how to make up for the time when I'm not so nice. I hope you and your little fellows had a good time!