Thursday, May 7, 2009

Twinkle Toes

All three of my kids have blog names based on their personalities in life.... I guess that is an end result of starting this blog after they were all born. This has left me having a hard time figuring out how to address the fetus baby on the blog....

That changed a few days ago.

Most mom's can recall quite clearly that moment when your baby's movements went from little flutters to full on, stomach popping kicks. In all my pregnancies, this has happened somewhere around the 7th month.

Apparently, this baby is a quick learner because when he kicks books will pop off my stomach, my hand will jump, and you can see movement. The kids got toes of a soccer player, apparently. Because of this I have come up with the most fitting name I could think of for his new Blog name.

I give you: Twinkle Toes



too cute

Danna said...

Katie, I soo miss the days when little ones were moving in my belly. I am envious of all cute prego moms!!! So cure a name..