Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunny with a side of feeling good....

Lately we've had such lovely weather, and I haven't grabbed a single shot of the kids.

I just finished my work out for today and feel great. I tried a new pregnancy yoga/pilates workout and it give some good strength and flexibility training. I think I will mix it with my other DVD and rotate days... three cardio days/two flex and strength.

We had a nice Memorial day; how about all of you? The first part of the day was spent with me cleaning the house, while Hubby did all the weekend yard work. We had someone coming to view the house that day, so after it was all clean, we went off to E.E. Wilson to take a bike ride. Sheepie moved up to the 'big' tricycle and can actually pedal now without whacking his legs on his handle bars. For a kid who two weeks ago wouldn't pedal to save his life, I am amazed at how he can now go on two mile walks and never stop peddling once.

Frog Prince had his first serious foray into learning to ride a two wheeler. I'd tried once, but very quickly gave up because I couldn't bend over far enough to hold onto his seat. Yesterday didn't go so well either. We realise that the bike that we bought him for Christmas, while perfectly acceptable to ride with training wheels, is just too small to try and learn to ride two wheeled on. It's only a 10 inch bike and so he can't get going fast enough to become stable.

My nephew has a slightly bigger (still not the size FP needs, really) bike that he left at my in laws house when he returned to Chicago last summer; we're going to steal it until said nephew returns next month, to try and teach FP to ride on two wheels. He is ready and excited to learn now, and we've learnt a long time ago that with that particular kid you have to work within his window of interest, or else you're completely out of luck. Especially, if it involves the risk of getting hurt. (We even have a special box of Bolt band aides standing by for bike related injuries).

For the rest of the day we ran to the movie store and then went over to my sister in laws house for a nice BBque. The kids ran wild through her large yard and wooded area, and I enjoyed sitting around in my ever growing state.

On the Boy front, he is growing like a weed. I realised that he looks like a small toddler to me now, instead of a baby... physically he is still very behind most kids his age, and shows really no signs of walking any time soon. He's so freakin' heavy I wish this would change, but mostly I am content to let him grow at his own pace. Mentally, though, watch out! This kid is smarter than a whip and you know that he's more than aware of whats going on around him. Once he gets it into his mind to have something or do something, he will come up with a million different ways to get to it-- no matter how many times you redirect him. The older kids have affectionately given him the name, "Swipper" from the cartoon, Go Diego Go, because he is always into stuff he shouldn't be getting at. Lately, the most funny/aggravating part about Boy is that while he shows no desire to walk, he can climb like no child I've even encountered before. He has mastered the art of climbing things to get into trouble. He couldn't be happier!

Twinkle Toes has decided that it was about time the world thought I looked pregnant, and has just kind of fallen forward into my stomach. In the last week, I've had more people comment on how I finally 'look pregnant' than I have in any other pregnancy. The older kids have developed quite a love for him already and will make certain that each night when we are tucking into bed they 'feel' the baby, and talk to him through my tummy. They were excited about when Boy was born, but I can see a different level of understanding this time around and it's very endearing to see them become so attached to this little bug already.

That's about it for us.... just another week of racing around to school and practice; games and activities. I hope the weather continues to be as lovely as it's been because I really love just shooing my kids out the door all day and watching them enjoy the adventures and mess of playing out doors.

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