Sunday, October 26, 2008

Too much to catch up on!

So here we are and another week has slipped by! I am happy to say though, that this week's blogging was put on hold to spend time with the Hubby, who has finally return to us from the land of India! And gosh, let my just say how delicious it's been to have him home; I could hardly have asked for a better week (except the part where he booted me back to my old side of the bed; I'd been sleeping where ever I seemed to roll for the last couple months, and it just doesn't seem to work anymore!)

Another great thing is the return of my laptop!!! It's always been here, but just not functioning. The battery is completely dead; being several years old, and the power cord suffered an untimely end some time ago. These two issues combined basically rendered the poor thing useless. As some of you might recall from my emails, instead of replacing the sweet old 'Lappy', we opted to buy a PC so that the boys could learn how to use a computer. That was certainly the right choice, but I will freely admit the loss of computing from the comforts of my bed! Long story short (or as short as it's going to get, at this point) Hubby had to buy a universal power cord for his trip to India, and when he returned home, I got it as the replacement power cord to, 'Lappy' the wonder laptop! Even now I have enjoyed uploading my weeks pictures and posting while curled up next to a sleeping Hubby. I still love my PC and will probably use it most often (since it puts this old beast to shame), but it's good to have an old friend back!

I guess, since I am a tad behind, I will start with last Sunday and then just work my way forward.

Last Sunday was my ward's Primary Program, which is basically where the kids in the Primary (ages 3-11) put on a program with songs and 'talks' during the first hour of church. This is Frog Prince's second time being involved, and I have to say I am a bit shocked at his behaviour. He did very well when his class got up to deliver there lines; he even said his all from memory. What was the real shocker though was his down right naughty behaviour the rest of the time. His class say by the table on which the sacrament is placed each week. In our services, when the sacrament is not being given it is covered with a long, white cloth runner. F.P thought that it would be a fun game to see if he could pull the runner off the sacrament. Eeekk! At first it was just happening, as he leaned his head against the table and what not. However, when his teacher told him not to pull at the cloth, he started actually reaching out and doing so. I tried to ignore him, but could see the long cloth inching closer and closer to slipping off the side F.P was pulling. This would have resulted in little plastic sacrament cups and pieces of bread flying everywhere.

I was sitting fairly close to the front of the chapel, and at this point was faced with a decision. Did I get up in the middle of the program and pull the runner back into place so it didn't fall off (taking everything with it) or did I sit there and do nothing, and inevitably end up being known as, 'the lady whose son knocked over the sacrament during the program' for the rest of my life. Needless to say, despite the minor distraction to the program, I quickly stood and pulled the cloth back into place. Apparently though, no sooner than I had turned my back to sit down again, Frog Prince looked at me and pulled the cloth back to where it had been! Little bugger!

He did greatly endear himself to me and the rest of the ward though for his repeated voyages from the stand to where I was sitting, 'just to give me kisses' and hugs. Eventually though, I had to make him remain sitting with me, because our Bishop got up to give closing remarks and invite someone to try. I've decided though, at least with my kids, I know I will never get bored!
Sheepie was still too young (he will go in to Primary in January) to do the children's presentation. He did have a great time watching the kids do their thing; he also LOVED getting dressed up!

That was all for Sunday. Hope you enjoy

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