Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tired with a Big Ol' "T"

Okay, so I've decided it's never a good idea to run 5K, mow your really big yard, prune/dead head all your flower beds, clean your kitchen, and take apart and clean your vacuum all in one day... I am majorly exhausted. (I did other stuff too, but that was the stuff that really got me!)

However, now I am nice and in shape for the day, my yard looks fantastic(!) my kitchen is sparkly clean for a day of cooking/backing tomorrow, and my vacuum works better than it has in years!

Yea for me!

Sorry there hasn't been any real updating, I guess I didn't manage to keep it as up to the day as I'd hoped for... Life's just better being lived right now, than writing about it. I will give you a bit of a treat though and share with you some pictures.

The kids and I got all cozied in to Watch our Church's Semi-Annual General Conference. It's a meeting where, twice a year the leaders (men and women) of our church talk to the entire church membership, giving words of encouragement, love, and guidance.

I made the two older boys sit through the entire thing this year, and they did EXTREMELY well. Way to go guys!

For dinner Saturday night, we had Whole Wheat Pasta tossed in Olive Oil, and then sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese. Sauteed Crab meat and Mushrooms topped it off.

Later that night, as a snack I took left over noodles and mushrooms and tossed them with diced tomatoes and chopped fresh spinach.


Betts Family said...


Betts Family said...

p.s. you ran a 5K?

Betts Family said...

I don't like to run long distances. I used to run in h.s. - sprinting. I love sprinting! But I really don't prefer endurance running...I like hiking and climbing and horseback riding and those types of exercising. lol