Friday, October 17, 2008

Things I Love (Thursday!)

Thursday was just one of those days that makes you think, "It's good to be a mom!" So today I give you, 'things I love'.

This is Boy!
I LOVE that in this picture, Boy looks just like Sheepie did at this age!
I LOVE those delicious blue eyes and lashes!

This is Frog Prince!
I LOVE random fly-bys while eating my soy wheat waffles and fresh whipped cream for breakfast!
I LOVE kids in feetie pyjamas!

I LOVE when Sheepie wants to be near me!

I LOVE that my kids could live in their Peter Pan Costume.

I LOVE that my children's favourite toys are things I've made them with my own two hands!

I LOVE surprise flowers being delivered just because my Husband loves me.

I LOVE when he writes me love poems!
I LOVE how brightly coloured my dining room is!

I LOVE that Boy finally managed to sit up by himself!

I LOVE that I managed to get this picture three seconds before he fell over!

I LOVE self portraits that make me feel beautiful.

I LOVE that I know my beauty is made up of more than just how I look!

But mostly:

I LOVE this man!

1 comment:

Allanna said...

I love that you're full of love.

I love that you love that picture of you (I do, too!).

I love that you blog. ^_^