Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Week in a Nut Shell: Part One

Alright, I know that I've totally fallen off the wagon and it's been over a week since I posted; however here I am and I am ready to get back on track. I think I hit the 'five week slump' and just didn't want to do anything. I am ashamed to say my house looked like it blew up, my laundry didn't get folded, and I feed the kids boxed Mac and Cheese twice in one week. For shame, I know! Even know, if you were to walk into my house it would look like my kitchen vomited.... that, however, is because I made home made tortilla chips and fresh salsa for the kids today, and haven't managed to clean up after myself. At this point, I figure I can just tackle that when I do the dinner dishes.

Since it's been exactly a week since I last posted I figure I will give you just a briefly highlight of some of the things that have come to pass... Really, I can't recall exactly what days we did what, but I will do my best to put a little order to it all.

The main thing to note was that Hubby's grandmother came to visit Corvallis for the week and we were able to get together a few times. Thursday has always been 'Bagel Day', where my children and I get together with my mother in law and sister in laws to have bagels with the kids at various places around down town. Last Thursday we were running extremely late, so we missed out on bagels. To make up for it, I told the boys we'd head to Walmart to meet up with my MiL and her mom (Hubby's Grandma) while we were there I picked up some soft cuddly fleece to make Boy's big boy blankie. (Each of my kids have a large fleece blanket that they love to cuddle in, and sleep with, which they have all been given around 6 months old). To my great and happy surprise I found the exact same fabric that Sheepies blankie is made out of. I originally made his blankie as one for F.P, when he was just a baby, so the fabric is almost five years old, and I've never seen it again since buying it that first time. Elated I bought a little bit of it to surprise Sheepie. He was so tickled to see it, and asked if I would make a smaller version of his blankie for Hobbies. It's very sweet now to see the two of them cuddled up in matching blankies.

That night the boys got WALL*E watercolour books as little gifts to remind them that their daddy loves them and was thinking of them. Frog Prince really surprised me with how well he understood painting with in the lines , and not mixing the colours up. He spent several hours carefully working over his paints, and mixing and changing colours. When Sheepie woke up from a nap and joined him, F.P even patiently sat down with him and explained exactly how you were to use the watercolours and how to stay in the lines.

See what a Pro he's becoming.

Friday when the kids went to school the girls (my in laws, Hubby's Grandma) and I went to a local nail salon and all got pedicures. People are often surprised to learn that I LOVE getting things like that done, even though it is supremely girly and whatnot. I do though and will take people up on such things any chance I can get. My mother in law has a rule though, that when you go to get your toe nails painted it must be a crazy colour. Again, you'd think with me that would not be so silly, however I like very classic looks for nails, and seldom paint them any colour at all, let alone something crazy. So I present to you; for your strange, viewing pleasure, my crazy toe nails!

(( I know, they really aren't that crazy, but remember I never paint my toes!!))

After getting the kids from school I decided we'd go and eat at one of my favourite places in town, Nearly Normals, and then head down town to play for a while on the waterfront. I was terribly terribly excited when I found a skirt that I've been coveting on sale for a third of the price. It was originally 60 bucks, and I got it for a cool twenty. Oh yeah! That night we also had Pizza Night at my in laws.

Saturday morning I had the pleasure of making some biscuits and a spice cake for the funeral luncheon of a lady in my ward. Everything turned out great, except I couldn't get my frosting to thicken up in time so I had to bust out my emergency stash of canned frosting. Never have I been so glad to have a pre made jar around. After dropping the cake and rolls at the church the kids and I headed down town to explore the fall festival. Having been at the library the day before, while exploring downtown, we saw them setting up, and the kids were more than excited to get to attend the festival and see all the booths.

Thus Ends Part One of the saga.


Allanna said...

Well ...? When are we going to see the skirt that you got such the sweet deal on??

And I'm glad that you're blogging again. I missed you!

Betts Family said...

My dad LOVES Nearly Normals!! Alas, I have never been there. Next time he's in town I will make him take me. lol