Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy 50th Post

It seems crazy that in the course of two short months I will have already posted 50 entries-- it seems crazier still that some of you have actually read all of them.

Thursday was the great day of adventures. It started out with 'Bagel Day' like most Thursdays do, but then we headed off to do something I can't recall if we've ever done before.

We headed to the local airport to look at the planes and watch the private jets take off and land. It was the perfect day for doing so, and we were able to see several planes being worked on, taxi about and even watch a jet land and pull up right in front of us.

It was really hard trying to get the kids to understand that they were not 'authorized' persons and that they couldn't go climb up in the planes to look at them.

Frog Prince and Sheepie nearly died. Lately, planes are 'the thing'.

After the airport, we went to a local museum to see some of the art work they had, and then it was time to head home for naps (We love naps!) For supper that night we had whole wheat Penne Rigate pasta with an Alfredo sauce, home made bread with fresh butter, and some sliced peaches. mmmm.

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Bob C said...

I have absolutely NO problem believing you've put up 50 posts already!