Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun with Hair art

So I don't have much to post tonight... I will try and sit down and do a real update tomorrow. I found my MicroSD card tonight, so I was able to pull all the pictures off my cell phone. Man it's been a long time. Well, I grabbed some snaps of the hair do I was playing around with and creating tonight. It is about twelve different sections of hair coiled into little ropes (think how you twist rope to make it stay tight) and then I fold them all over one another starting from the back of my head and working my way forward. Then I took the long tail I created in the back and folded it up on itself and used a hair comb to secure it. I then added a Gerber Daisy from the lovely bouquet of flowers Hubby had delivered to me the other day!

Since the pictures were taken on my cell phone they weren't the best quality, but I did have a lot of fun taking a really bad quality picture and just turning it into 'hair art'.

These are just the various straight pictures to try and give you an idea of what my hair looked like today.
And lastly, just to laugh at myself, and prove how over the top about doing my hair, I really am (and hey, if you had hair as thick, long, and heavy as mine you'd do it everyday too) here is a picture from while I was still in the hospital with Boy-- you can see his bassinet in the background. I have apparently coiled my hair and taken a picture of it, to see how it turned out. (not so hot, but out of the way!)


Prissy & Hero said...

That's insanely cool, although I can't imagine how much time it took. Looks like a ton! Very pretty.

Allanna said...

It looks rather Victorian, I think.

Me likey!

(Oh, if only my hair would do that. oh well. ^_^)