Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Photo Pros

Yesterday I walked out into the front yard and found Frog Prince out there taking pictures of his doll, Little Froggie, 'climbing' a tree. His camera's batteries were dead, but it was just too cute. So, naturally I ran for the camera. This spurred his desire to use my 'big girl' camera. I figured, I'd be right there, so why not! And here is what I got (well okay, after the first picture, which I took).

Frog Prince made me be his model and even went so far as to tell me how I was supposed to make my face look. Maybe he's going to be a photographer one day!

His doll and I are supposed to be in love in this one.
And in this one, I think I was supposed to be his chair.

Sheepie even got in on the action and took a great shot of my legs for you, Hubby! *wink*

And here I was supposed to look 'Really Really Surprised. Like candy.'

I thought that last one turned out so nicely, I couldn't help having fun playing a bit with it.


Allanna said...

FP's pretty good with giving direction ... future photographer in the making???

and I pink, puffy heart your skirt. Tres chic!

Kristi Barnes said...

That's hilarious! How are a better Mom than I. How fun

Betts Family said...

Those pictures made me laugh! Awesome.