Sunday, October 12, 2008

Channeling my inner Nie


Edit: Oh man, sorry for all the glaring typos, my friends... That's what you get for typing and not spell checking. I bet there are still more I've read over again, so yeah.. I think I fixed most everything.

So today, as I was dressing for church I totally felt like I was channeling my inner NieNie, and have to say I was very tickled with how lovely my outfit and accessories turned out. I wish that I had my camera to take pictures and show off to everyone, but alas you'll just have to catch me the next time I wear this skirt/blouse/shoes/jewelry/hair do again.

And speaking of NieNie (if you've still not read her blog, really!!!!!) let me just say, I feel like I am having a, 'Slow cooker' kind of day.

After several vain attempts at getting my kids to clean their room, I decided that I would try and entice them with a reward trip to the pumpkin patch. Alas, after many hours of them telling me it just was not possible, I am afraid I revoked the offer of the trip. And then told them that when the timer (which I set for two more hours) went off, if their room was not clean, it would become mine, and everything in it would be mine; they would have to earn it all back. I am now the owner of a room full of toys, which have been locked in their room until such time as I feel the boys have earned them (which will include cleaning them up).

This meant that last night the boys slept on the floor in the hall way with their sleeping bags. But, after finishing up my nightly clean up of the house and heading back to bed I picked them both up and brought them to sleep on the far side of my bed. It was after all a cold night, and they were so sweet looking laying all curled up together.

Well, now for the slow cooker part to kick in... Sheepie slept in until nearly 10 am, at which point I finally came and woke him up, since the blueberry muffins, apple slices, and scrambled eggs I'd made for breakfast had long since went cold. I find great irony in, after having stayed dry for two weeks, Sheepie pees like a fountain the one night he sleeps in my bed. I guess the silver lining though, is that it was the catalyst that got me to wash my sheets. It's been almost two weeks now, and they were in need of being washed anyway. Thanks Sheepie for helping Mommy stay on top if it!!

Frog Prince, I think, is really ready for Hubby to return, and is taking ever chance he has to let me know exactly what he thinks of things! Is he coming up on FIVE or what?!

Church went really well today! I didn't have a helper in my class today, but all the kids were very well behaved, and even Sheepie was obedient and didn't have to be taken out or told to behave. F.P apparently, according to my sister in law, was entertaining the primary by rolling up his colouring page and using it as a Kazoo, to sing 'Old MacDonald' during Sharing time. My real feat (although I didn't have anything to do with it) was that the little girl, in my class, who has been struggling to stay in, and not become hysterical; she stayed the entire time today, didn't cry once, and after telling her daddy to leave for his own class, was actively engaged the entire time!!!! WOW. I think I am going to take her a special 'princess bag' sometime this week to let her know how much I loved having her smiling, happy self in my class!

Oh dear! Literally right now, as I was sitting here the string that my pearls were on broke. Bummer! Hopefully, I will have time to restring them tomorrow. I have an Enrichment meeting tomorrow morning, but then my day can happily be devoted to the little pile of laundry I acrewed Saturday (I got it all washed, just didn't have time to fold it!)

I had my inlaws over for supper tonight, and am exceptionally happy with how the meal turned out. I made Eggplant Parmesan, steamed broccoli, a creamy Parmesan risotto, and a dark greens salad. I was a little nervous because I prepped the Eggplant last night, and was worried it would absorb too much of the oils out of the sauce but it turned out quite nicely. The risotto turned out perfectly and was possibly the best risotto I've ever made. I wish I could have taken pictures (more on that one in a minute).

It must be said though, how much my kids can make me adore them, and sparkle with pride. Frog Prince-- today when we got home from church-- helped me, without being asked-- put away what of the clothes I did get folded; even the things that didn't belong to him. Sheepie took out some trash to the 'big garbage' can for me, while I was cooking, and after my inlaws had all left, I came into the dinning room to find them working together to sweep up all of the food that my nieces and nephews had dropped on the floor. Darned if they didn't do a fantastic job of it too!! They both earned back their favourite lovies and blankets for tonight, as well as the privilege of sleeping with me again (okay, that last one is really just because I love to snuggle into them and smell their hair as they sleep!)

However the sad end of my slow cooker day (and yes, it really has been one) is that I can not find the charger for my camera battery anywhere. Now I have a fairly organized and extremely clean house these days, and I have looked EVERYWHERE. I know it's here; I mean it's not like I took it anywhere, but the question is where. My guess would be the 'swamp thing' that I call the kids room. Until I find it though I am unable to take pictures. I thought I would be tricky and use Frog Prince's camera, but it runs on batteries that we our currently out of; and while I can use my cell phone, we've also managed to (okay, who am I fooling, this one is chronic) misplace the mircoSD card that it takes to get the pictures off. I did manage to grab a few shots though before it died completely so, enjoy!

Sheepie gives a little blankie loving to his 'favourite friend,' Boy!

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Bel said...

My slow cooker day was on the weekend . We all have them from time time. It makes us human!!

P.s I to like Nie love to dress and accessorize I will say that is one thing I am known for. Good on you!! Love to see pics next time