Friday, October 17, 2008

Tick Tock Croc

Today was just another low key of hanging out and getting ready for the triumphant return of Hubby. I got up and made the family breakfast. This morning we had whole oats oatmeal with freshly diced apples and Cinnamon in it. When it was done cooking, I added just a touch of fresh cream to it, and it was really good. I've always struggled with knowing how good oatmeal is for a person vrs. my not really liking it. However, with how soft and cinnamoniny the apples get while they cook with the oats, I seriously think I could eat this every morning for breakfast! Nine grain toast look out; there's a new breakfast in town!

I have to laugh (and roll my eyes a bit) because lately it seems Frog Prince has had an aversion to anything that is cooked in the over or on the stove. He wants all his food to be made in the microwave. I'm not sure about you people, but I personally hate foods cooked in the microwave. They taste so gross compared to being cooked on the stove. (That's not to say I've never thrown a quick bowl of soup in the micro to cook; I'm just saying when you've got the time use the stove!) So anyway, lately it's been quite an adventure getting him to actually eat meals, because I will not cook them in the microwave. Thursday night for dinner we had whole wheat pasta with a white and mushroom sauce. I then heated up the extra salmon from the tacos the night before (with a bit of extra virgin olive oil to moisten it), and flaked it over the top of the pasta. I seriously think FP was about to have a heart attack because I refused to reheat the salmon in the microwave. He swore the food would be too hot, and 'disgusting' and that he'd not eat any of it. I told him that he'd not get his pumpkin ice cream for dessert if he didn't eat; and lo and behold, wouldn't you know it; it turned out to be 'the best food ever' and he gobbled down three plates full... Sometimes that boy just makes me wonder!

Sadly there is not too much Sheepie news today. I am sitting here trying to recall anything really cute or funny that he did and nothing comes to mind. Of course, that's not to say that Sheepie isn't cute or funny (he knows he is; and sometimes too much so for his own good!) Mostly, he just sat by me and coloured all afternoon while I sewed my skirt out of the Costco table runners.

Now, I know I promised to chronicle the making of this skirt via pictures; I really did try. I took the pictures and had a lovely post made up and when I went to post it, I think the sheer length of it just about made my poor little blogs brain explode. Well, then I thought I would try it on my other blog, and just link it over here (which, I thought, would work out better because I could then do a cut of the pictures instead of forcing everyone to scroll through 15 or so pictures). Again, the blogs brain just about exploded. Not too sure why. So, I will post a picture here of the final product. And then give you the link to where all the 'work in progress' pictures are hosted. That way, all my sewing junkie friends can see how I did it-- even thought it was really, really straight forward and easy.

I give you:

The Table runner Skirt!

Now all I have to do is iron out all those wrinkles toward the top and find a dress hanger that isn't child size to hang it on. (The hanger makes the waist look Huge)

I'm not going to post any pictures of me wearing it until after Hubby get's back because I totally want to knock his socks off with how amazing I look in it,when I pick him up at the airport. And Hubby, if I don't look amazing in it when I pick you up; please lie to me and tell me I do anyway, so as not to hurt my sweet little ego! Thanks!

Here's the link to the rest of the pictures:

I think Boy is getting sick; poor sweet ickle, pickle. He's been throwing up everything he's had to eat since supper last night, which for him was very benign-- just milled up noodles and some smashed pears. And it's not just spit up, it's actual throw up... sourish smell and all.

He was very sweet today though. The older kids were playing Peter Pan, as always and Boy really wanted to get their attention. So I decided he could play along too. Quickly, I went back to the boys dress up tub and returned to create this:

Tick Tock Croc- Sunning on a rock after a hearty snack of Capt. Hook!

Peek-a-boo, Mommy! I See you!

The Croc is on the move (and right after this picture he puked all over!)

That's about it for now. If you're like me then Saturday is house cleaning day! That means I've got to get myself tucked warmly into bed. I leave you with the poem that just popped into my head.

'Twas the night before Saturday and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring; except that darned mouse.

The pictures were posted on the blog with great care,

In hopes that readers would some come to SHARE.

The wifey was snuggled all warm in her bed,

with visions of her Hubby filling her head.

The boys from their mischief, and baby from his bath,

had finally settled down for a nice autumn's nap.

When away from this poem my interests did soar,

and I decided to not go on anymore.

But I heard myself mumble,

as I logged off for the night.

"Happy Blogging to all, and to all a good night!"

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Allanna said...

The skirt looks gorgeous (you will post a pic or two of you wearing it AFTER Ben gets home, right? Please??)

... And I cannot get over how much Boy looks like a little twinnie of Sheepie. Wow.