Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Saga Continues: Part Two

Sunday actually went extremely well by way of Sundays ( if you are only just starting to read this blog you'll have missed that Sundays are like badness for the win, around here)! They kids did extremely well during Sacrament meeting, and even surprised me by being able to quote most of the sacrament prayers along with the young men praying them. What a shocker!!! I find it funny though how we as parents perceive our kids behaviour so differently than those around us. I thought that they were supremely fidgety and squirmy that day and was ready to give up on making them sit through the meeting with no toys; figuring crayons just weren't cutting it. When the meeting was over though, the woman who sits in front of our family nearly ever week turned around and made remarks to the effect of how she loved how well behaved our kids were, and how she enjoyed seeing them learn and grow; and how she loved being able to see what they were being taught by how they reacted at church-- like the sacrament prayer. (Oh yeah baby, didn't you love that run on--- I pink puffy heart run-ons today!) The second and third hour even went fairly well. Frog Prince was brought to me by his substitute teacher because he'd been so out of control/mean that he needed to be taken out. (And if you've met the woman who sat in for his class, that's really saying something-- she is a former Primary President with the patience of an angel.) So he and I had a bit of a talk before I escorted him back to his class to make apologies. I was given the report though, that he was well behaved for the rest of the day.

After church we headed up to visit my mother and family for my elder brother's birthday. He turned 29, which is really hard for me to believe. I am only three years younger than him, and it seems strange that we are all starting to get close to being 30....Most of the time I still feel like I should be an awkward teenager. (I've still got the awkward part going for me, so I guess I've not completely left that phase of my life behind). It was a nice relaxing evening hanging out with family, and it gave me a chance to spend more time getting to meet my mothers new friend. I met him briefly at her swimming pool once, but this time I got a real chance to sit down and spend the evening with him. From what I can tell he is a very good man, and seems to make my mother really happy, so that's good. I have invited the two of them to come to the Tillamook Cheese Factory with the kids and me this Saturday.

Monday, I honestly can't recall anything of great interests happening. It seems that Mondays always end up being the day that we recoup from the weekend, so it's mostly cleaning up the house and laying low. Especially because I won't drive on Mondays, unless the world is ending.

Tuesday the kids went to school, and Boy and I bravely set off to the grocery store, so as not to starve to death. I have decided my new favourite place is the discount/rapid sales shelf at Safeway. I can never figure out why they sell some of the things they do for so cheap (except for when they have a rapidly approaching expiration date) but I am always finding really really good deals on the shelf, and feel terribly proud when I walk out having gotten such prices. After finishing the marketing, I rushed back to pick up Frog Prince and Sheepie from school. The treat of the day was that Chad mother and I had set up for him to come home with us from school. So the three kids got to spend some of the afternoon playing together. When Chad went home, Frog Prince seemed to have a renewed sense of, 'Big Boy,' because he asked to be allowed to walk down the street to his friends house by himself to give his friend flowers. Not wanting to be left out Sheepie asked to go along too.

Having let F.P go down the street before (I stood at our house and spied on him while he went) I was okay with him going, but having never let Sheepie do it, I was a bit reluctant. He is just enough younger that I worry about him doing some of the things I let F.P do. Still I smiled, helped them cross the street and sent them on their way to go deliver flowers to Logan's house. I can't believe how quickly they are growing up.

That afternoon our neighbour brought us over some big skylight boxes from his reroofing and we made a giant fort/tunnel in the living room. (and it's still there even as I type this)

ohhh pretty colours

This is my bored self, playing with Picasa's editing stuff.

Wednesday was another school day, so off the two oldies went. I had a meeting for our Stakes Creche exhibit, which I have been asked to be involved with, again. So while they were at school I was with several other members of our city trying to hammer out some design/layout details of how things would go this year. It's a huge undertaking, and each year it seems to get bigger and bigger. If we can pull off, this year, what the master designer wants to do, I think it will turn out lovely.

And that somewhat brings us up to the present...Wednesday night F.P. and Sheepie begged me to let them stay up late and go outside to play a game we love to play called, "Spookie." It's something that they created where you basically play hide and seek, and the person seeking gets to be the 'spookie' and run around with a flashlight. Those hiding call out, 'spookie' to help the person find them. Since there are few places to really hide in our back yard the game dissolved into us all running around, in the dark on the trampoline for a really long time. I am sure the neighbours could all hear the loud laughter and racing commentary from our races, but I've learned sometimes you've just got to throw caution and parental judgement to the wind and enjoy a bit of memory making!

((Ahh.. Watch out for the Spookie!!))

((Help me! I've been got!))

Today Frog Prince went out to Bagel day while I stayed home with Sheepie who I think was a bit under the weather from staying up so late. Mostly we just hung around the house. I taught myself how to make home made tortilla chips and salsa, and made some for the kids and I to snack on through the day. We are now about to sit down to some clam chowder in bread bowls for dinner, and then it will be about time to talk with Hubby and get ready for school in the morning/bed.
Thus ends the Saga of the last week. Hopefully, we will now return to our regularly scheduled typing.

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