Thursday, September 25, 2008

Domestic Goddess

Yet again the boys stayed home from school, which meant another day of not running. I had a bit more of a master plan for Wednesday, and combating the war of sickies.

After having stayed up most of the night giving Sheepie nebulizing treatments, I realized that Wednesday had to be a calm, stay lying around type of day. So we trekked to the movie rental store to get just about as many kids movies as I could stand (and one for me!) and then went back home. Normally I am very anti TV and really don’t like having the kiddlets watch lots of shows. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. They got to sit on my bed and watch movies all day. Not terribly proud of it, but it kept them still and helped to keep both of their Asthma under control.

Boy seemed to be turning the corner and was much happier/ healthier on Wednesday, so he just spent the day doing what he always does. He quiet enjoyed being able to be carried around with me while I did various things around the house. I learned a new wrap to carry him all cuddly on my back, and so he loved getting to just snuggle into my when he wasn’t feeling very good.

As for me; I played domestic goddess and made homemade applesauce while the kids were watching movies. We had about three pounds of apples that I needed to use because I didn’t want them to go bad before we could eat them all. So I made some freezer applesauce (mostly because I didn’t want to have to can anything).

It seems strange finally seeing me in a picture or two

Sheepie snuck in to help me for a while

Dinner time rolled around and I was once again struck with amazingness… the kids had been after me to give them ice cream all day (could it be because they hear about how Daddy eats it with ever meal while at the hotel? I’ll let you decide). So yeah, ice cream. Not the best thing to be giving to congested kids… but when you are as cool as me you find ways to make it work anyway. I give you…

Mashed potato ice cream sundaes sprinkled with corn and shrimp scampi!!! As good as ice cream any day. The boys were so tickled with how unconventional the idea of eating dinner out of an ice cream cup was that they gobbled the whole things down. Sheepie decided at the end he didn’t want to finish, so things go a bit heated there (since he couldn’t leave the table until he’d eaten all his supper), but all and all, they were a hit. I also tried something new with my mashed potatoes and found out I love making them with vegetable broth. Instead of using water when mashing them up to get it creamy, I added a bit of organic veggie broth—which as a side note, Wolfgang Puck makes a nice premade organic veggie broth in a good recycled container, for convenience, if you all are interested—and after a dash of pepper it gave the potatoes a really rich and full flavour. Yummy!

That’s about it for Wednesday. Boys went to bed fairly quickly except for Sheepie having a melt down and getting sent to sleep in the port a crib in the dining room. I sat down to watch, The Leatherheads, which The Hubby recommended after having seen it on his flight over to India, but I ended up falling asleep about twenty minutes in. Thankfully, unlike Tuesday, I got a full night of sleep.


nicole said...

awww poor babies!
i hope they feel better soon.
for both of your sakes!
all day of childrens movies!
yikes! what am i in for??
i love the pictures though, great shots! =]

Kate the Great said...

Nah, see that's why I put them in my bedroom. That way you can close the door and not have to listen to 12 straight hours of the Wiggles.... And when you get there, you'll love every minute of it. (except in those moments when you wont :) )

Betts Family said...

I'm sorry they are still sick!
I just realized I can't help in nursery on Sunday - I'm supposed to teach the Sunbeams. Argh! I'm sorry. Any other week, though!!

Allanna said...

I'm hoping that everyone is feeling better ... and I'm glad to hear that you were able to get a decent night's sleep. ^_^

The "sundae" looks great! Good for you!!

The Boys Club plus a girl! said...

Love the mashed potato creation! Very clever! You're over halfway, now.... not long before you won't be alone dealing with sick kids! Doesn't sound like fun. But you of all people can handle it with bells on :-)