Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday Schmunday!!!! Blarg!

I am not really sure what it is about Sundays, sans Hubby, but it seems that they are just not good!!!

The day started out with me waking up and realising that our house was a disaster area! Now, I spend about half my day telling the boys that they can not keep leaving the back door open every time they go in and out. This however doesn't seem to matter because they do anyway. As a result of this, I have dozens of flies all buzzing around my house. The other day alone I killed 14. Unbelievably GROSS! And so between there beeing toys everywhere and the flies, I just couldn't take the mess anymore. I cleaned the bathroom, which hadn't been cleaned since the Saturday before, polished my table, which had little sticky finger prints all over it, and swept my hard wood and kitchen floors, which hadn't had it for days. I was so grossed out I really couldn't care less if it was the Sabbath or not.

The boys fought all morning. It was one thing after another and by the time we were ready to walk out the door, I think they were about an inch away from the wrath of Mommy.

When we got to church, they were pretty good through choir practice, and got to have The Apple Lady sit with us during the first hour (sacrament meeting). About half way through sacrament though Boy started getting a bit fussy, and needed his bottle. So I went to get him that, but then he wouldn't get it. Frog Prince decided it was prime time to start making noises with his toys and so after several warnings I took one away. He, albeit quietly--thankfully, freaked out and started throwing himself across me and trying to get into my bag to get the toy back. He calmed down finally after I threatened to take him out into the foyer and put him in time out.

After sacrament meeting it was time for Frog Prince to head to his classes and I thankfully didn't' hear from him again until the end of church. Sheepie went to class with me (since I am his teacher) and boy followed because I have been using him as a treat for a shy little girl in my class who doesn't like coming. This is when the fun really began.

Sheepie was in rare form today and literally melted down into a ball of screaming fits on the floor from very early on. At first I just ignored him when he acted out, as I have found works the best when I am teaching, because normally he will stop the behavior. Not so today. It finally escalated so badly that I had to have my assistant come up and take over for me so that I could haul Sheepie into the hall way and put him into time out. I am sure you could hear him screaming through the whole building. And do you want to know what he was freaking out about that time? We sang the songs during music time in the wrong order!!!! You have got to be kidding me!

I think I would have handled the situation better except that I'd not eaten all day so I was really hungry, probably had low blood sugar, was exhausted and oh yeah... did I mention that I had over double the amount of kids in my class than I normally have. So I didn't have enough supplies for our activities and it was like a crazy house... Kids that age don't do well being dropped off for two hours with people that they don't know. So if I get a new kid it's generally pretty rough. Adding Sheepies tantrums was just too much.

After the first hour of nursery my helper had to leave and so I was left alone until they could find someone to come be with me. That is when Boy decided it was time to be heard. He's teething and hadn't slept since about 10 am that morning. It was now about 3:20 in the afternoon. He didn't want to eat or sleep... One of the Primary Pres members came in to help with the class, and ended up basically just holding Boy for me the whole time so that I could teach my class. Which, seemed like it was never going to end, because like I said earlier, I didn't have enough su pplies to do our activity, so we had to just play with play dough for the last half an hour.

After church we headed over to my in laws where I was going to drop the boys off for dinner, because I had a meeting for a show I am helping to costume at one of the local theatres. With my steadily growing headache, Sheepies attitude problems, and Boys constant crying I quickly realised I was not going to make it to that meeting without my in laws hating me for leaving the kids there, in their current state. So I had to call and tell my friend that I wasn't going to make it.

I finally got Boy to eat, but he wanted nothing to do with sleep. So I gave him some medicine and tried to keep him happy. Thankfully, dinner was fantastic and having not eaten all day, exactly what I needed!

After dinner though Frog Prince decided it was time to start lashing out at his brother and cousins though and began hitting and pushing people. That was basically the straw that broke the camels back for my issues with him. I have been non stop dealing with his violent reaction to Hubby leaving. I have tried being patient and redirecting him, I have tried punishing him, I have tried getting him a toy he can punch and yell at when he's mad, instead of using his Brother.... but nothing has gotten through to him and so when he punched Sheepie I finally lost my temper and that was it for him for the night. He was in a chair sitting for the rest of the night.

We stayed long enough to talk to Hubby before heading home. I realised on the ride home that I was totally out of gas... which stunk because only the day before I was at Costco where the gas is much cheaper.

Everyone fell asleep on the ride home and so after putting the baby's carrier in the living room, I went to bring Sheepie in. He needed to go to the bathroom before bed, so I carried him into the bathroom and told him he needed to wake up and go potty. WOW... big mistake. I should have just let the kid have an accident that night. He woke up and started bawling and screaming and throwing himself on the floor because he didn't want to go potty. After a few minutes of trying to talk him into going, I finally just walked out of the bathroom and went to get Frog Prince out of the car. He thankfully just went into the bathroom and then went and crawled into the crib... which is where I told him he'd be sleeping because if he was going to be mean to his brother and push him he'd not get to sleep with him or be in the same bedroom with him anymore until Daddy came home.

Then it was back to the bathroom to get Sheepie to pee. The little punk just wouldn't do it, and I was so freaking frustrated that I actually sat there and engaged in his yelling argument with until finally I'd had enough and told him I didn't care and he could just go to bed, but that if he had an accident in the middle of the night it was his own problem. (eventually he did wake up enough to take himself to the bathroom.)

It was somewhere around that point that I walked out into the living room and just sat down and sobbed, while getting the baby ready for bed. But since he still needed to be taken care of , I pulled myself together, feed him, gave him some medicine for his teeth, rocked him for a bit and then put him to bed.

The night would have ended there, except I still have all of those recipe booklets to put together, and the boys, who were are now are awake from getting up to go potty won't stay in their beds and are about ten minutes away from dying, if they don't go to sleep.

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