Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's just another Manic Monday....

(Can't say I, 'wish it were Sunday' though ;) )

Monday brought trips to the doctor, sick ickles (aka kids), and trips to the super market for such yummy things as baby Tylenol and shrimp for Sunday dinner this week.

Boy officially turned six months old on Monday, and so he was spirited off to the doctors for his check up. My oh my, you'd never believe that this boy was five weeks premature. He has sky rocketed from just barely being on the growth charts (even with the adjusted preemie chart) to being in the 50 and 60th percentiles clear across the boards!! He is now coming in at 16 lbs 12.5 oz, and is 26 inches long! Good job little baby Boy.

While we were in town for Boy's check up, we ran to Home Depot to replace the toilet seat and run to Safeway to pick up some more baby Tylenol for Boy's shots. Man, did I ever find a good deal there. I am not sure if I have ever seen Safeway sell books before, but they had a display of them put up, just as I was walking out the door, and so I stopped... because really, I have never been able to walk past a gathering of books without stopping. There were books of all kinds on sale for super cheap, but I found cook books! I have ALWAYS loved cookbooks because they are a mesh of two of my favourite things; cooking and reading! I haven't ever been prone to buying them though, because they are so expensive. Looking at my cook books, I can honestly say I have not bought one of them. They were all gifted to me. Monday, that changed! I found a pasta cook book and two books on healthful eating all marked down to 4.99. On top of that I 50% off that with my club card. So all together they were about nine bucks. Sweet. The real kill was a beautiful, thick, expensive cook book that has amazing recipes in it; it originally was 35.00 according to the inside of the book jacket. It was marked down to 4.99, and with my additional 50% off... I paid a grand total of 2.99 for it!!!! I was so tickled!

The rest of the day was spent at home, trying to keep all the boys rested and not too cranky. Sadly for both Sheepie and Boy , that didn't work. Sheepie just continues on with what he'd been doing Sunday, so I largely just ignored him when he melted down and he spent a good part of the day laying in bed crying (and sleeping).

Boy had been getting sick too, so to top that with his shots and teething he needed all the cuddles he could get. I decided it was time to enact on something I'd wanted for a long time anyways... a baby wrap. Basically it's a really really long piece of sturdy fabric that you can use to wrap and tie in various ways to hold your baby. They are ridiculously expensive in stores, so I haven't ever bought one.. but I just happen to have a nice, very long piece of fabric in my closet that would work lovely. It needed to be haved and sewn together, so I quickly did that and after sewing it so that they was no way even a nuclear bomb could rip out my stitches (let alone a little babys weight) I tried wrapping Boy for the first time.

Terrible pictures (stupid self timer and such), but you can see what I mean, by baby wrap.

I still need to sew all the hems of it, so that it doesn't fray, but let me tell you what!!!! He calmed right down and buried himself into the fabric under one of the shoulder straps so that his head was blocked from the light and went right to sleep. He didn't wake up after that until 6:30 Tuesday morning. Even when I took him out of it, and changed him into a bed time diaper. (he also calmed right down when I put him in it Tuesday morning when his shots/teeth were hurting him again.) The nice thing about it, is unlike other baby carriers I have, since he's wrapped against my body and there isn't a lot of extra space I don't feel like he's going to fall out when I move around. I can really use both my hands to do just about everything, and he's not bothered by it!!! You can also tie it so they sit on your hip, or on your back. I found a website that basically shows dozens of ways to tie baby wraps. What a life saver.



Lara said...

Oh I always wanted one of those! I use a baby bjorn when I need something, but always wanted a wrap!
Cute blog!

Betts Family said...

My mom and I made a baby sling and Milo loooved it. I loved it. Kept my hands free, too!

Allanna said...

I'm in awe of your new baby carrier.

...When I get preggers again, you wanna whip one up for me? I'll totally pay you, you know. ^_^

Unless I completely cave and either learn to overcome my fear of the sewing machine or buy a little sling to carry around my princess. (For a going-on-THREE year-old, she sure likes to be carried. A LOT!)

nicole said...

this is such a wonderful idea!!
i have a store-bought one that i got for my baby shower. it's a sling type.
definately not as versatile as yours!
and carter just doesn't sit right in mine. i think i'm too small for it! lol. since it's adjusted to the smallest setting and it still sits at my hips.
i would love to make one like yours.
how did you do it?