Friday, September 5, 2008

Tuesday.. the day sans witty title.

Here it is Friday and I am still behind, writing about Tuesday. Although I have to give myself props because while I normally manage to post fairly frequently in my other blog, it's not always stuff of substance, so I am tickled I've managed to come up with stuff for everyday and don't feel the least bit strained by it. The problem is that come bed time I am so whipped from trying to tackle three boys into their respective beds that I can't be bothered to sit down at my computer for more than five minutes. C'est La Vie.

Tuesday was a rather fun day. Not too much exciting happened, just a few little gems that make the day worth the adventure. That morning as I was talking with Hubby before he was getting ready for bed, I was lamenting that I could not find overalls for the boys anywhere and why on earth did they not seem to sell them anymore? I had a very specific need for overalls and if I couldn't find any, I was surely going to have to make them. So fast forward a few hours when we are standing in Target doing some shopping, what should be in the boys section but several different styles of overalls. It was like manna from heaven!!! Everyone one was beyond tickled, and for me the only damper of the moment was realising that I couldn't just pick up the phone and call Hubby like I am so used to doing, to tell him about my exciting find. Stupid Time Zone difference, lol.

Target really was the highlight of the day. I can't remember why it was that we even had to go there, but it was for one thing and one thing only.... well wouldn't you believe that we walked out with easily six times that. There were the overalls that I found, plus a shirt for Sheepie that he needed. OHHHHH that is what I needed, rain boots! Can you tell I just remembered. Think back to the whole camping/boots adventure; we were going to Target to get F.P. and Sheepie new rainboots. They each picked out a pair of Lightening McQueen boots, and I was happy to not have to fight Sheepie for once about getting a new pair of shoes. Anyway, so we got the overalls, a shirt, rainboots, a new highchair for Boy, who needed something to eat in now that he's doing solids, and possibly the most important thing-- Hunry Hungry Hippos.

You can imagine that promptly upon getting home we set up Hungry Hungry Hippo. Sheepie had fallen asleep in the car, so Frog Prince and I played it together while he was sleeping; he later joined us. The boys loved it and have played it and played it and played. I, sadly, am fairly dissappointed in it. The actual game hasn't changed any from when I was a kid, but the cheap light weight plastics and fake plastic marbles make it much cheaper then the game of my childhood. The hippos are often becoming stuck, and the 'marbles' such that they are get caught in their little shooter because of the seam in their plastic. Meh, I guess if they aren't bothered by those things, than neither am I.

Boy had his moment of triumph when he got to use his new high chair for the first time. He's been eating solids since mid August, but it's always been in his swing where he could be a bit more reclined. But with him getting better and better at sitting up (no, he's not there yet!) it was time to make the big switch to the chair. We wanted something easier to clean and more compact than our old, antique one, so I got one of the space savers that sits on a chair and is entirely dishwasher safe.

There's a story to the mustache and eyebrows, but that will come in the next post, promise!

The other adventure Boy had was his first taste of Chocolate.... no, not my idea, but you can tell this is my third child, because instead of running to stop the other boys from sharing their treat with a baby, I ran for the camera and took scads of pictures. He was in seventh heaven and quite cross when I finally did end up taking the chocolate away from him.

Isn't he just too cute for words!

So that's about it... the rest of the day was just eating supper and then everyone staying up much much too late for their own good. I have to say it's really kind of hard to not have very unstructured evenings, because so many things have always centered around having Hubby come home from work and having him here in the evenings. Oh well....

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