Friday, September 5, 2008

What a Wednesday


One Week down and we're all still alive. I try to only drive my car three days a week, if I can get away with it, so this was a non driving day for us. Most of the time, my kids are totally cool with staying home and playing locally, but sometimes they get really tired of hearing me say, "We don't need to be driving the car today." Today was one such day, and after a few hours at home they were in dire need of something fun to do.

The morning started out quite nicely though with Sheepie requesting that we make Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast. Since Boy doesn't believe in sleeping anymore, apparently, and I was really tired from being up most of the night with him, I was very inclined to say no. But then I thought of how many times I have wished I could get them to eat something besides cereal for breakfast, and that if I said no, I'd have no leg to stand on the next time I object to placing a bowl of cheerios in front of them. So out came the skillet and the eggs and green food colouring and away we went. Sadly, we don't eat ham regularly (me--- pretty much never--- ham is gross!) so we couldn't have Green eggs and Ham. But toast with the kids home made butter and apple slices was a very well received substitute.

Much of the late morning/early afternoon was spent playing outside with Spyder and Princess Leia (our dogs, and sadly no, those aren't alias', those are really their names). I kind of feel like there was something else that I/we did that morning, but I can't recall honestly. We had a nice margarita pizza for lunch from Costco. Man their pizza has been a hit around our house since Hubby left. Sadly, it's all gone now, and we won't be getting anymore until our next major shopping trip.

It was after lunch though that the restlessness started to percolate and I knew that if I didn't do something quickly that the world was quickly going to become very unhappy around chez C's It was then that I decided to enact on the reason for the overalls and Sheepies shirt from Target, the day before. Sending the boys to quiet time so that I could work in piece I pulled out old faithful (my sewing machine) and began to make the boys Halloween costumes for this year.

May I present Super Mario and his brother Luigi.... Our family is going to be characters from Super Mario Brothers and that's the boys in their costumes with the shell I made for Hubby's Bowser costume. They loved getting their hats made and have been wearing them nonstop ever since. They even wanted me to put Boy into a pair of overalls and put a mustache and eyebrows on him. Hence why, in the high chair picture he has the silly stuff on his face. He is going to be Baby Bowser for Halloween, but I figured why not?

In honor of the Italianness that we had going on with 'Mario and Luigi' running around playing MarioKart, I switch the dinner schedule around a bit and decided to make a Lasagna for dinner. At first I was really upset because I went to pull out my spinach and mushrooms to put in it and discovered for whatever reason my mushrooms had gone completely bad. (Read Stupid Winco and their bad produce) I would not be daunted though and decided to be crazy and try adding string beans and corn kernels to the spinach. I then switched out my red sauce and quickly made up an Alfredo sauce. It didn't' taste too much like a traditional lasagna when it was done, but it was fantastic!!!!

After that we all piled into my bed and watched movies for a little bit, before I finally hauled everyone off to bed. I then crawled back into bed myself (with more of lasagna to boot) and watched some season three eppies of THE OFFICE. Sheepie apparently had different plans for the night though because nearly every ten minutes or so he'd come wandering out of his room, and literally just wandered around. He wasn't trying to get anything and he wasn't really saying anything, he just said he wasn't ready to go to bed. I let this go on for a while, figuring he just missed Hubby and was feeling strange with him gone. Eventually though, I wanted to sleep so I had to send him to bed. I guess it was about time he'd finally start showing that he missed his Daddy.

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Brittany said...

Cool costumes! I love the simplicity of the boy's. I saw a bunch of store-bought, fake overall Mario and Luigi costumes. It just dumbfounded me. And no one but the homemade people ever thought about putting on mustaches. I can't believe that Bowser shell. That is awesome. I'm excited to see Ninja Turtles for next year. I don't have any ideas yet for next year. The possibilities are endless!