Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today is the day of stories that involve Poop!!!

Today is a day of stories involving poop, and nakedness… so for the faint of heart (or those who just wonder why we Mommybloggers write about such candid and gross things) be forewarned… This post may not be for you.

Yeah, okay; you’ve been warned—it’s all fair game now.

The day started off normal enough. We got up and hurried to get ready for the day. We were supposed to be meeting my mother in law and sister in laws down town for breakfast at this fantastic place called, “The Broken Yoke”. It’s owned by the son of one of the doctors who works with my MiL. They have an awesome play area (thing really swanky, posh eatery and the kind of play area they’d have) and really fantastic food. So we went and did that, and had a good time.

Afterward I figured since we were already in town we might as well head over to the library for Preschooler story time. My kids love going to story time, but we’ve not gone regularly since they started school last year. There are only so many hours in the day, and days in the week, and I’ve learned that some things just have to get cut out. However, since we were in town and had nothing else on the schedule away we went, and a good time was had all around.

It was when we got home things go silly…(and in Frog Princes case, a little gross!)

The boys went off to play, and I went off to bed the baby and get lunch for everyone. Well, I happened to walk into the bathroom because I heard water running for a while and normally at my house that’s a bad sign. Truer words were never spoke… there is Frog Prince wiping himself with my hand towel… WOAH… WHAT?!?! Yeah. That was kind of my reaction too. When I snatched it out of his hands and asked him what in heaven’s name was crossing his mind, he said: “Don’t worry Mommy I got it wet first, so it will get me really clean.” You have got to be kidding me. Good thing I do cloth diapering, so the idea of rinsing poop out of something no longer grosses me out. But really… for crying out loud kid, you’re almost five years old!

And just when I thought I was done…..

Sheepie emerges from nap time with only his underwear on… I ask him why he’s that way, and tell him he needs to go put clothes on.

“No!” and then he starts to stick his hands down the back of his underwear.

“Sheepie, we don’t do that… now go get clothes back on… now, please!”

At this point he turns around and starts walking away, and to prove his point, turns his head back to look at me, and pulls the back of his underwear down to moon me!!!!

Good Grief… what am I going to do with him when he’s a teenager!! Already I can in vision the calls I will be getting from the Principal.

Boy was really just a happy ball of lumps today. Nothing new to report except that he did sit up a little bit on his own today, while on my lap at story time… We’re not there yet, but I bet he will be sitting up by himself in no time.

As I was getting supper ready this evening Frog Prince decided to pull out his tub of Mr. Potato Head toys, and below are his proudly crafted spuds. He loves them so much, it’s fun to watch his mind come up with new ways of putting them all together. Like in the second picture; he decided that if he put ‘sun’ glasses on Optimus spud, then he could shine light into his eyes and ‘make him really hot’. There’s usin’ that noodle kid!

Well that’s about it for us. It’s six o’clock now, meaning its time to pull the supper out of the oven and sit down to eat. The rest of the night will be the same routine as always… talking with Hubby on the web cam, jammies, brushing teeth, reading scriptures, reading bed time stories, prayers and bed. We picked up J.M Barrie’s, Peter Pan, today at the library, so we get to start that as our new bed time book. The kids are over the moon.

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Allanna said...

Wow! You've been very busy/productive the last few days. Go you!

And I'm sorry to hear that the dogs are being ... less than awesome.
And that you're in the midst of Poop Chronicles.

I hope that today goes better, what with your cool new stroller. ^_^