Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Day of School Friday

Okay... well it wasn't really their First, First day of school, but it was the first day back for this school year. Oh man, were they ever excited... you wouldn't believe it, (and after having a whole summer to try and entertain them 24-7, so was I). For whatever reason, this year, the kids have school later in the morning than usual. This made for a very relaxed first day back, there was little rushing and we got around to thing I hadn't thought of the night before.

I got everyone up to talk with The Hubby, and then, since, like I said, we had extra time, I took them out onto the front patio to give them both hair cuts. They needed to have their hair cut badly, and both boys are looking quite sharp now. Frog Prince was not at all keen on the idea and decided he was going to pout through the whole thing... I was certain it was going to turn into another one of 'those days', but thankfully he pulled it back together and was ready for school in fine form.

As you can see, I had one heck of a time getting decent pictures of them; they were so happy to be back at school they bolted from the car, and it was all I could do to get them to stay long enough to even snap a few shots.

Once the kids were gone, Boy and I had a chance to go shopping together and get some stuff that I needed for a church project I needed to make. I kind of felt strange going places with him; I am so used to the kids being around. It was really nice though, and after several quick errands, it was over all too quickly.

When I pulled up in the school parking lot, I parked next to Frog Prince's best friend's mom. She and I chatted while waiting to pick up the boys, and she told me that her son had spent the better part of the last two weeks talking about Frog Prince and little else. It is nice to hear that this boy is as happy being friends with FP, as FP is being friends with him.

As a side story... I was a bit shocked when, upon picking the kids up, I had a conversation with one of the high students who teach there about her baby that was due in 4 months.... The way in which she just casually threw around the fact that at 17 she was going to have a baby floored me. Anyway!!!

After dropping my nephew off at home, we headed back to our house for a very relaxing afternoon/evening. Boy slept, as he is prone to doing, Sheepie went off to play in his freshly cleaned room and Frog Prince... well he and I ended up having a major discussion.

On Thursday, he snuck in, behind my should and watched some new footage about the anniversary of Sept. 11th.... this opened the first of many sticky parenting moments... How to explain one of the worst tragedies in our country, ever, to a four year old. I explained to him very simply what had happened that day, and that the video I was watching was of people (now, seven years later) remembering the people they loved by leaving them flowers and singing songs to remember them by. I though that he understood pretty well... Fast forward back to Friday.

When I went into his room to check on him, he was not there.. Sheepie called out that he was sitting in the bathroom bawling. Apparently we didn't cover it as well as I figured, because he was bawling over our dog that had died back in November. He wanted to give him flowers and sing him a song, but was concerned over how our dog would ever get the flowers... We talked about how we could do things to remember our sweet dog, but then, more importantly, we talked about how Sept. 11th made him feel and how it was okay to feel those things. He told me he felt better and that he knew it was okay to be sad about what happened.... Poor boys has had more than his fair share of discovering feelings lately!

We ate supper over at my in laws that evening, and then the kids got to spend the evening/night with their favourite babysitter because I had a girls night out. My friend Nikki and I decided to set up a girls night at her house to get to know some of the new women who have recently moved into our ward. What a blast we had!! It was really just a night of sitting around, talking and laughing together, without our kids... and it was exactly the kind of thing I needed after another long (but good) week with the kids. I even met a woman who I think I will get to be good friends with. She is the sister in law of a girl I knew from high school and we are a like in many of our views on the world and ways in which to live in it.... Super cool!

That's all there is for Friday...Hopefully I will get Saturday and Sundays posts up by Monday morning (my time) Sorry for the wait...

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