Monday, September 8, 2008

Saturday is a Special Day

It's Costco day!!!!!

If you've read my earlier posts, you will understand that Costco is indeed like Mecca around here, and so the ickles were more than happy to be told Friday night that the next day held a trip to the sample motherland!

For church I have been working on a collection of recipes that involve using foods that can be stored over a long period of time. Food storage is something we've been counseled to have in case of family emergencies, natural disasters, money problems (meaning you can't afford food); stuff like that. So our ward is having a night for the woman to learn a bit about family preparedness and I am in charge of coordinating food for it and the recipe collection. Anyway!!! I had compiled all the recipes and needed to get them copied and cut so that I could then assemble the little booklets.

Now, being the savvy mother of three that I am, I realised there was no way under the sun that I would be able to get 320 copies made, and quarter cut, by myself, while trying to wrangle my kidlets. So it was off to Kinkos first thing in the morning to give that lovely job to the good people of the copying world!

Near by my town's Kinkos there is a Christian Supply store. I have been needing to get some pictures of Christ to hang in my classroom at church, and really haven't wanted to drive up to either of the church book stores since the closest is about 45 minutes from here. I thought I'd run into this local Christian bookstore than, sit it was right there. Wouldn't you know that they didn't have a single regular picture of Christ that wasn't really really expensive!

I mean, they had nicely Framed Art pieces that were at the cheapest, around 50 bucks, but there wasn't a single little print of Christ that I could buy. I mean I'm thinking almost like a small post type thing. You know? Does that strike anyone else as odd. I even went on to explain to the woman what I was going to be using it for, (a classroom full of 2 and 3 year olds, so it needs to be something that wouldn't cost much, in case they pull, it down). Anyway, it just struck me as kind of strange they'd not have anything like that....

The boys though did find Veggie Tale heaven. The back off the store was their kid area and right as you walk into the store you can see straight back to this area, where they have a GIANT Veggie Tale section set up. Suck mom that I am, they both ended up walking out with a new Veggie Tale Mug.

Next was a really quick run to the fabric store to buy the ribbon I needed for the recipe collections. I have to laugh, because it becomes very apparent from taking my kids through a fabric store, that I sew often around them. Every ten feet or so, they'd stop, examine a fabric, exclaim that they had to have it, and what I could make it into for them. Thankfully we actually made it out having bought just the ribbon I needed. Although I did find the fabric I'd love to make Boy's big fleece blankie out of.

FINALLY, it was off to Costco! We needed more milk, baby formula, and some stuff for when my in laws all come to dinner on next Sunday. Now, if you have never been to a Costco, my first question would be A) Do you live in a hole and B) Do you know what you are missing! I mean, really anyplace where you can buy your weight in Toilet paper is okay with me.

But see, the real reason that we went to Costco was that it was Sample Saturday and that way I can totally get out of feeding my kids lunch!!! Kidding, we ate before we left. ;) Seriously though, my kids love walking up and down the aisle getting little samples of everything from burritos to Imported French cheese. (And as a side note Hubby, I totally found a way healthier, yet yummy and huge burrito to replace the ones we buy you right now. And it's even the same brand! So no complaining!)

Anyway, Costco was a hit, as usual, and then we went home... At this point it was only an hour until I was supposed to be picking up my stuff from Kinkos, but the kids were wiped and totally needed a brake (as did I from them). So home we went and I called the fantastic 'Girl Around the Corner' to see if she'd watch my kids while I picked up my Kinkos order. She came over and we got to catch up on how her school year was going (she's a freshman this year, and that's major cool!).

I then walked out the door for the first time since Hubby left, sans kids. It was awesome! I have totally missed riding the motorcycle and decided to take the most scenic way into town so that I could enjoy the feel of the wind in my face, the smells of the countryside, and the amazing feel of leaning through all those great back road corners. Man I love that bike!!!

That was about it for us... When I got home we had dinner, and then everyone got ready for bed. Same old same old. Thus ending another amazing and ever exciting day with the Mighty C's.

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