Thursday, September 18, 2008

Man oh man... Another Monday

I have been trying all day to get this post updated, and still it seems like I am having trouble sitting down. See, it's been twenty minutes between when I typed that last sentence and this one, because the baby woke up and I wanted to snuggle him for a while. Yet, life goes on and I will manage a post for Monday, even if it kills me.

Monday really was one of those day (as all Mondays seem to be around our house) where we did a whole lot of nothing. I did some baking, and some cooking, and cleaned up after ourselves... beyond that, we really didn't do all that much.

Because it was a 'no driving' day, the kids spent most of the time in the back yard playing and jumping on the trampoline. Boy and I stayed inside because it was truly hot, and he doesn't like the heat.

At one point during the day I was sitting down reading my email and Frog Prince came around the corner, wearing the outfit seen below and riding on his hobby horse. I almost died laughing, because that is Boy's rain coat, and the hat from last years knight costume.

Any guesses? No... ready for this one. It's his motorcycle and gear. Since we have stressed that you always wear the proper protective gear while riding a motorcycle he had to get his 'helmet' and 'jacket' and was later looking for gloves to wear.

Really that was it for the day. The boys also decided while playing out side that they wanted to jump in the swimming pool fully clothes.. I am talking shoes and everything. So that was kind of funny... because normally they are better about things like coming in to get their swimming suits on.

Oh well... that's it for the Mighty C's.

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