Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Going back in Time

Alright, so obviously since I have already expelled all the terrible things that happened on Sunday, this post isn't in sequential order. C'est la vie, non?

Friday was actually quite a fun day. The boys went off to school in the morning/early afternoon, and had a great time... they did all their usual school things, so it wasn't anything too new. It was what happened after school that was the wickedly awesome part. But I will get to that in just a minute.

While the boys were at school I had set up with my friend to have her join me on the track, however since she is pregnant, she'd not be running... well that didn't make much sense for just walking in circle around the track. Instead we walked a nice road that runs right up behind the preschool, through the countryish area that's out there. It's a lovely little bending road, and a great walk, but has no side walks. Since she didn't have a jogging/hiking stroller she had to be in the street, which made me a bit nervous, but all and all it was a great walk and filled the time nicely while the kids were at school. Boy and I even got to try out the new running stroller and he LOVE it (so do I, but it's very important that he loves it as well). It's a very smooth ride for him, and he loves being able to face me while I am going.

After school the older boys got to go over to Frog Princes best friends house for a play date. This was Sheepies first time being invited to a play date that wasn't a family member, and he was over the moon. When I talked to Chad's mom, she said that he actually spent a great deal of his time kind of off doing his own thing, but it was still such a big step for him socially and I got to listen for hours and hours afterward how cool Chad is, and how neat going to his house, and riding in his car was. Frog Prince also had a fantastic time and told me about how they got to go to Diary Queen and get Dilly Bars.

Thing quieted down after they got home and we didn't do too much. I cleaned up and we played board games. After supper it was time to talk with Daddy, and then it was almost time for bed. But the kids didn't seem to agree with me. Instead, they begged and talked me into having an 'ice skating' party with them. Sure, why not?! After all it was a Friday night; there was nothing going on in the morning that would make it so that they we could not sleep in. Now if you have never going slipper/sock skating, you are totally missing out! All you need to do is slip on your slippers and away you go, zooming around dining tables and kitchens like the pros. Frog Prince even enjoys practicing falling, because he says that's what happens when he really ice skate.

The Pro Boots up for his big "skate"

And he's off...

Sheepie tries to steal my 'skates' since they're Nemo.

Obviously, he won...

We all stayed up way later than we should have, but we cuddled lots, laughed until our eyes watered and then all curled up together to read, 'Peter Pan'. And happily in the back of my mind I realised that I got to capture one of those fleeting moments of childhood, that I would never get back, had I put them to bed on time.

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Allanna said...

Awwwww! How sweet!

It sounds like a really wonderful day. I'm glad that you got to enjoy it so!