Friday, September 5, 2008

Let the Races Begin

Today was the day of MarioKart Madness. I had originally had plans for us to go and do some shopping and what not, but the boys would have nothing to do with it. They were more than happy to stay at home all day and run about pretending to be Mario and Luigi, again. Since that meant I didn't have to drive anywhere, my answer was, 'Mario' Party On! (that's a little joke for people who play Nintendo games.

While the ickles played Mario and Luigi I took Boy outside to enjoy a little bit of fresh air himself. Now that he seems more than content to roll over and be on him tummy for periods of time, it is time to venture into another skill developing routine. The dreaded, 'sitting up'. Although when you mix it with Boy it is more like, 'spitting up'. I am not sure if it's just because he's so darned stubborn or if it's because it hurts his tummy, but every time he works on sitting up he gets really really upset. And more likely than not, will spit up. That's just Boys style so I am not bothered by the vomit action; the upsetness does bother me a bit though. I can't recall my older kids reacting like this. Then again, I am convinced that despite his almost always present cheeriness, Boy is my most stubborn child yet. And if he's more stubborn than Sheepie, heaven help us all!

I have to laugh, because Frog Prince won himself the most strange reward I've ever given anyone today. A couple weeks back through a very long story he ended up cleaning the toilet for the first time. He LOVED it (and was actually quite good at it too)! So since I needed to clean the bathroom anyway, I told the boys that whoever stayed on their beds through quiet time, without fighting, could help me clean the bathroom and scrub the toilet. Man, did that ever do the trick-- if only I'd figured it out years ago. So Frog Prince gets to step up to the plate Friday morning and clean the bathroom like a big boy. Sheepie earned the privilege too, but I am not sure if his attention span will allow him to see it through yet, we'll see.

Around 4 I decided to prep dinner so that I could just throw it in the oven. First Sheepie came in and said he wanted to help me, and very shortly after Frog Prince joined us. How glad I am that I decided to start early enough that the boys could have the time to almost make dinner all by them selves. I often find it very stressful when they want to help, because time just doesn't allow, since I have to start dinner so close to when we need to eat; today was really fun. I wish I had taken pictures, but with lots of cooking over the stove I had to keep a very sharp eye on them. In the end the tuna noodle casserole turned out great and we ate the whole thing.

We had such great success cooking our dinner that we pulled some of the frozen blueberries out of the freezer and stewed them up for a pie filling and made a blueberry crumble. Despite how hot the over was making the house, it smelled really yummy having it bake while we ate supper, and it was a very good motivator for the boys to eat their dinner all gone. And since it was made with real fruit, flour, and butter, and cinnamon (no sugar added) I could give it to the boys as 'dessert' for breakfast the next morning.

As tends to happen in the life of little boys, the three were dumped into the bath after supper to clean away the healthy coating of dust they'd picked up from racing around all day. Then it was time to talk to Hubby on the web cam before reading scriptures and heading to bed.

The Hubby's done a very sweet and fun thing for the boys while he'd gone. Clear back when he took his first business trip away from the kids they would draw him pictures and what not and send them to him. One of the things Frog Prince and I made was a paper version of his special frog dollie. Since then it's been a family tradition that whenever Hubby or I take a trip, we bring 'Travel Froggie' with us. So naturally he went to India with the Hubby.

Hubby set up a blog for Travel Froggie to post on about his adventures in India. He then takes the frog with him where ever he goes and takes pictures of Travel Froggie in neat places. You can see it here

The boys have greatly enjoyed getting to keep tabs on what is happening in India, in a way that they can understand. They've even been able to speak to Travel Froggie a few times over the web cam, and Sheepie now jokes about how he misses him more than his Daddy.

That's about it. I went to bed fairly early and managed the best nights sleep since Hubby left. Maybe with any luck, my kids are finally going to all start sleeping through the nights again. Here's Hoping!

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