Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wickedly Wednesday

Another school day another adventure. Nothing too interesting to report by way of things before school. I had decided that I wanted to start walking the track at the high school on the days the kids had class. Well, I long since have sold my double jogging stroller that we bought for the boys, because they didn't want to sit it it, and it was really taking up a lot of space. But I didn't want to buy another jogger stroller new, because they cost so much, and if I got a single I knew it would only be good until the next baby was born, in which time I would need another double (or just give up on running, which isn't likely to ever happen, no matter how distant running and my relationship becomes at times! lol)

So before school on Wednesday I hoped on the Internet and went surfing through Craigslist, which is totally one of my favourite things in the world. And wouldn't you know I found some of the most amazing jogging strollers on there... particularly this on.

Sorry, I know it's not the best picture... I would have taken pictures of the actual stroller I got, but it's all put away in the back of my car. What makes this particular jogger so cool is that the baby can face forward like the stroller is pictures, but they can also face backward looking at the runner. How cool is that! It also has adjustable heigth on the hand as well as adjusting the handle angle. Additionally it's got a cup holder and a holder designed to hold a water bottle, all three of the wheels are quick release (which is good because I have to take all three of to get it to fit in my car), and it relines further than any jogger I've ever seen. After reading through the manual I found it also is supposed to come with an odometer. When I picked it up, it didn't have it, so I am going to call the lady back tomorrow and see if she still has it. It also has lots of reflectors and it, not that I run much at night, and is a bright yellow, just like in the picture... so it's really hard to miss!

The best part of this stroller was the price... 50 bucks. I couldn't ever find, how much it cost new on the Internet, but I have never seen a decent jogging stroller that was less than 150 bucks.. and that is even a low price. So if it was around that new, I would have gotten it (and it's really in almost never used condition) for a third of the price. Man, I love thriftiness!

So anyway... I found this stroller on Craigslist, and emailed the lady about it. Then I went and dropped the boys off at school. I decided that was the day I was going to start running again seriously. So I put Boy in his existing stroller and headed down toward the track. I initially though to myself that I would do just a couple laps to get my heart moving, and stretch out a bit.... but wouldn't you know I ended up doing a 5k, I was having so much fun. For those who aren't aware that is roughly 3.1 miles and 13 times around a standard high school track. Boy was a dream and happily feel asleep to take his morning nap while I ran, and I was even able to spy on the kids for a while, when they were outside doing 'obstacle course' with their class. I haven't run a 5k in quite a while (who am I fooling... with the exception of my tread mill, I haven't run period, in a while), but it felt great and I think I am going to do it again tomorrow. (I totally need better shoes though... I have three blisters and my feet grew this last pregnancy so my toes were squishing into the end and rubbed the skin on my big toe ouchie... :( )

Just as the boys and I were heading out of town to come back home, my phone rang and it was the lady with the stroller, returning my call. She said that she'd just received my email and that she was calling me back out of the list of five messages she had, because I'd emailed her first. Not wanting to miss out, I zipped across town to check it out, and bought it, because well, it's awesome.

I realised at this point I only had twenty minutes to get home, because I had agreed to babysit for my friend Katie. I would have made it too, except that there was an accident on the way home and I had to wait through traffic control. When I got home Katie was already waiting there with her kids, and I felt like a doof. As it was, I was really really stinky from running and wasn't going to be able to shower.

The rest of the afternoon/evening was spent just hanging out and babysitting. I feel so badly though because our house must have seemed so terrible to Katie's kids. Sheepie was in a HORRID mood, and cried at the drop of a hat; Frog Prince was just an overly wild spazzy bully practically. He was back to his hitting toward Sheepie, but was also just plain wild with the other kids and ended up smacking the boy in the back of the head with his light saber, and smashing the little girls fingers between a toy and the wall. So after wanting to just sell both of them, I put my boys to bed (Frog Prince earned the great privilege for his behaviour of being in the port a crib). The two kids I was babysitting were getting hungry and tired, so I fixed them some food, and let them just sit and watch a movie until there parents came to get them. Poor Kids!

With both the boys sleeping Hubby and I got a chance to talk for quite a while, since he was heading into his office late that morning. I have decided it is in the evenings after the kids all go to bed that I like the least. During the day I function just like any other day that he's gone at work. Afternoons no longer throw me for a loop, with his not coming home, because I am a super star and am just that cool... and when I do finally go to bed, I am so blasted tired from being a super mom that I just pass out these days... but before bed, after the kids are down it's just plain weird. Not like creepy or any thing... Its the time when I realise most that Hubby is gone. Which is funny because most of the time we'd be doing our own separate things in the evening anyway... or just watching a movie/playing Wii together... nothing really amazing that I am not doing now. But it's just the simple fact that he's not around that makes it seem strange.

So yeah.... it's a good thing I've got Steve Carell and the good folks down at, The OFFICE, to keep my company. And with that... it's time to go see what silly antics those guys are up to, tonight. But as a parting prize, here are a few sweet pictures of Boy, learning to self feed with a nice bowl of pureed carrots.

"I swear I am eating more than I am playing with , mommy!"

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Betts Family said...

I LOVE The Office. One of my favs. Hey, I am so sorry I was an hour later on Wed. Seriously! Our schedule has been the same for a year, and when it suddenly changed I had a hard time wrapping my brain around it. lol Your house is cute, and I really appreciate you watching the kids. Anytime you want me to watch yours again, let me know!