Sunday, September 14, 2008

Super Saturday... Literally

Okay, it wasn't that super if you were under the age of five, but that's life sometimes...For the Mighty C's, Saturday was just a lazy day around the house. Not much to report, so you will get mostly pictures.

I had a project for Church that I had to get done... In November each year we had a big craft/ arts day where the women in the ward can get together and learn how to do certain crafts/arts. I was asked to teach one on making these recently trendy Paper bag albums. Having had a great time last year teaching a class, I said yes. That meant though, that I had to have samples of my craft ready to set out at Church on Sunday.

I bet you are all surprised when I tell you that I didn't have any made and that is what I spent my Saturday doing. I know... everyone take a collectively shocked breath. hehe...Really that's all I did for the better part of Saturday. I wanted at least one of them to look fantastic so that people would want to do my class, so it took a while to get everything just right. In the end I really liked how they truned out.... I think people will have fun making variations on them.

Like I said... about a million pictures today.

I also got a chance to finish up one the Harry Potter/ Gryffindor Robes I had been making for a charity my friend is doing. They are too big for Frog Prince, but I like how they turned out.

That's really about it for Saturday night. We did a quick run to the super market, so that we could have thing to eat on Sunday.... After that we grabbed some movies for Sunday night, and went home to bed. Sorry it couldn't be more exciting. LOL

** Edit: Okay, so I am sorry for all the glaring mistakes in this post... I typed it WAY late, and didn't go back and proof it... All fixed now.


Betts Family said...

Those photo albums are sweet. I love doing projects like those! The only obstacle is time......

Betts Family said...

I'm in RS 3rd hr, but I missed a couple Sundays this mo.

Allanna said...

Wow, between the boys' room overhaul, the getting-back-to-school, and your crafty-crafts, you've been on fire! Go you!!