Thursday, September 11, 2008

Two Week Tuesday

It's hard to believe that The Hubby has already been gone for two weeks. It seems to have both flown and dragged on all at the same time. You know, in a funny way, it almost reminds me of being in elementry school again. Remember back to how it seemed like the week would always drag and drag and drag on, and yet before you knew it you were already facing your first vacation of the year, and you weren't quite sure how you got there? So yeah, two weeks down, and way too many still to go.

((Okay, I just had a really weird moment, while typing this. I have my blog open in another window so I can listen to my play list while I type, and all of the sudden some really strange loud noises start happening and do so right as my clock hits midnight... I jumped and couldn't figure out what the noises were, until after a minute of muddling around I remembered I was uploading a show from NBC in another window of my computer and the sound finally loaded. Derrr!))

Anyway, Tuesday brought more cleaning and some fun playing for the boys. It really must be the last week of summer, because we have a play date lined up almost everyday this week. In the morning though, it was all about work. I had to go to the church in the morning to set up the building for that evenings Enrichment meeting. The kids had fun running around the building with the son of a friend, and that happily kept them out of my hair while helping. Two birds with one stone.

After setting up, it became a mad dash for me to get through the day and accomplish everything I needed to, in the time I had. I still had to get about half of the cookbooks finished, as well as make my own food to take with me. People have been asking me over and over again if I was planning on making my hummus and pita bread to take. Being as easy as they are, I figured they were perfect recipes to, not only include in the cookbook, but make and take to the meeting. So that was my plan for the day.

Frog Prince, upon getting out of the car that morning, asked if his friend Logan could come over and play. He lives down the street from us and goes to church with us as well. Since Logan will be starting school with the ickles this year, I thought it might help him feel better about it, if recently had played with kids who were in his class. So I told FP he could invite him over. Now this is where I realised that Frog Prince really was growing up all too quickly. He walked to Logans house all by himself to pick him up. (being the mom that I am, I crossed the street so that I could see him walk the block down to Logans house-- but he only looked back for reassurance once). Hubby teased me that I stood there and watched him, but I think after a few more times I making sure he remembers to look both ways before crossing the street and such I will be able to let him go on his own; after all it's not like we are living in a busy neighbourhood or anything.

When Logan did arrive, the three of them had a blast playing outside, eating pizza for lunch, and running around like wild men. I was happy to be able to finish up my cook books without having those two monkeys under foot.

I had to send Logan home earlier than I had planned though, because, as I was finishing my books, I thought I was going to run out of ribbon. This meant that I would have had to get the baby up from his nap, as well as get the other two ready, and haul them to the store. Now, if ever there was a miracle in my life, it was that my ribbon held out through all 40 books. I had to change how I tied the ribbon, and ended up using scraps and hiding them by gluing the bow over them, but you'd never know and things worked out nicely.

With the three boys all in quiet time/naps, I quickly made a made dash to get enough Pita bread and hummus made to feed everyone who'd be there. Not much to say there..... I cooked, I made a all turned out great, and was done on time. By this point however, all of my work from Monday were for naught, as I realised my living room was covered in the aftermath of three preschoolers, and a HUGE craft project; my kitchen.... cooking dishes and such stalked everywhere and the whole room looked like a flour can exploded.

I couldn't help but laugh. Hubby pointed out that night that it takes forever to clean up the mess and so very little time to make it. Oh well, that's life for ya! I will admit though, it only got completely cleaned up (the kitchen that is) on Thursday.

Then it was off to my enrichment meeting, that went very well, and was talking about preparedness. Finally, we stopped by the Apple Ladies house on the way home to drop off her dishes from that night. Sure enough; she has apples for us and a lovely little gathering of flowers. The latter I am still enjoying greatly on my table.

The boys were more than tickled to see the Apple Lady, and it made getting them off to bed after getting home, all the much easier.

And that, my friends, is that!

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