Monday, September 8, 2008

What's a snazzy Friday Title?

Friday was a fun day for the Mighty C's. My plans for the day were to get caught up on my blogging and then clean the house, since we'd be gone most of Saturday. The boys however had different plans. And since theirs were way cooler, we went with them.

In the morning I got caught up on the backlog of blogging, which as you can see I am doing yet again. (I find it funny that I blogged all morning Friday, but never actually blogged about Friday.) After getting that squared away it was time to get up and throw the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher. I have been battling an epic battle with Flies of late (more on that later) so I have been very very on top of my dishes and have thankfully not had a single pile up since Benjamin left. I realised though, that I had some bananas that needed to be dealt with. Naturally that meant Banana bread.

Frog Prince instantly jumped at the idea of baking and ran off to get his own spoon to help me. Sheepietoo ended up getting in the game. They both are becoming pretty good cooks, and I am surprised at how; if given specific instructions; they can do much of the work themselves. I guess I keep forgetting how big they're getting!

I love how they never cease to be amazed by simple things like making bread.

Once the bread was done, it was time for quiet time, so that they would be ready for our big adventures!!! Bowling!!! When we had talked to Hubby that morning, he asked the boys what they wanted to do for the day. Sheepie declared without missing a beat that we were going to bowl. Right then.

Now again, I prove that I'm the coolest mom in the world (just kidding) by packing the crew and heading off to go bowling. And let me tell you, that's an adventure in and of it self.... First though we stopped and dropped off the boys loaf of Banana Bread to The Apple lady's house, which is where they thought it should end up. She wasn't home, so they were a bit sad that she couldn't see their Super Mario costumes, which they were yet again dressed in, but I assured them they would see her on Sunday.

All and all the bowling was great. The older kids don't really get that you don't have to throw the ball to make it work, and Sheepie managed to reset the pins right as my ball was about to connect with them; resulting in my speeding ball crashing into the pin setter, but all and all it was great fun.

Thankfully the alley was almost entirely empty when we were there so it was all the better, because I didn't have to worry too much about them wandering around while the other one was playing. There was only one other mother and her son there. How much better can that get!

I even bowled the best game of my life (sadly with no one who would appreciate it there) and almost bowled a 200. I think my final score was something like 186 or something. I was crazy.

After the bowling adventure it was time to head back home for scriptures and getting ready for bed. Yes, I know it seems like I skipped a whole lot of the day, but how many times do you really want me to say, " and then we jumped on the trampoline outside all morning". So I am just giving highlights!

On our way home though, we did stop at the movie store and pick up "Under the Same Moon," which is great! and "Under Dog" for the kids. Upon getting home it was scriptures, prayers, teeth brushing and bed... for everyone!

Gone are the days of staying up for me, I take the sleep where ever I can get it.


Lauren said...

hi kate
i need your help please. My 5y/0 wants to be bowser for halloween. I have been searching for a costume and there are none. I was wondering if you could post the picture of your hubby's costume. the shell is great. i would love to have this for my son. it would make his halloween. thank you lauren

Kate the Great said...

Hey Lauren,

I don't have the costume done yet, but I can tell you what I plan on doing. I am going to get pyjama fleece and basically make feetie jammies (which for a kid you can get a pattern for). I am going to make the jammies, and then just make sew little claw mittens to the end, and little claws to the feet.

As for the head I am just going to make him a little hooded type hat that I can sew horns onto and some of that hairy fabric you can get.

How I made the shell was easy. I just cut out an over sized oval and then I stitched really loose (loosest setting your machine makes) squares onto it, and gathered the stitched a little bit to make each square pocket a bit. (think of what a turtle shell looks like, I was creating that effect. Then I just sewed it to the bottom, turned it right side out and stuffed it. Then I added the white around the edges by basically making a big white stuffed tube and sewing it to the shell. Then make some yellow stuffed cones and sew them on. Sadly those have to be hand stitched on and take a while.

I will post pictures when I get it done... Hope that helps.

Travelling Froggie said...

If I recall the shell correctly, it would work better to create the cones first, and sew them shut so that they don't loose their stuffing to the shell.